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Vehicle Teleportation + Stargates + ONS

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  • Vehicle Teleportation + Stargates + ONS

    First of all, is vehicle teleportation possible?

    I had an idea for making an ONS map with a Stargate (like in the movie) in both bases. The bases would have weapon lockers and vehicles ala military base. The Stargates would teleport to a lush outland with the nodes.....

    (me==n00b mapper == can't even use UED)

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    need maping TUTs?


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      You can teleport anything if you want to. Well, at least anything that normally moves.


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        my stargate rendition

        i could show you the ctf stargate map im working on, you would cream your pants.

        Basicly i modlced the gateway in maya, thew ramp
        made a big tube connecting bases

        the effects took my 7 hours to get right when going through the gate

        cus you get a 2 seconds effect show lol.

        Its all about physiscs volumes,

        people dont matter how you get em from one place to another but vehicles do. you gotta make it look good


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          [WTF]_Karma, did you design the wormhole effects something like the space tunnel from HyperBlast2?