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AS-battle4zion [Model Concept Pic]

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  • AS-battle4zion [Model Concept Pic]

    I been running it though my mind over and over and i got lots of ideas, time to post them

    Concept: The Frist Battle between Machines and Humans, As the defense for the last known human city comes under siege by the machines.
    Well if you seen the last matrix, you know all about it.
    Have Attackers spawn as Sentials, Flying-Squid robotic killing machines.
    Defenders spawn in the middle and run out and can get in a APU, or just use a gun...
    APU: Armored Personnal Unit, this Weapon is bulky mech with 2 belt feed guns, would have a Alt-Fire Depoly it into a faster,stronger Stance that cannot move.

    Main Objectives:
    1. destory Gun Tower (that crane thing in the center)
    2. Protect Digger from defense counterattack.
    3. Weakend Wall for Second digger clearance (Just have the sentials attack it)
    4. Destory the Controls to the gates (x3)
    5. Breach the City Walls.
    6. Breach the Temple walls. (final)

    Well, i was thinking about it, and we are gonna need some fake scripted stuff going on, like fake sentials and APUs, so its harder to tell the player controlled ones from the AI ones, but the AI ones don't attack (expect for the AI APU's, which only attack other AI's , this would give it the massive scale battle thing.

    Give me some opinions! I have a idea im typing , stay tuned!

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    AS- Thepath2war
    Concept: As the last standing ship makes its way to the doomed-Dock, Sentials intervene with the safe passage.

    Ideas: Have it so the fight is about the Hovercraft trys to make it thought the supportline, Players would only control the turrets on the ship, while attackers try to bring down the ship.
    Attackers: Sentials
    Defenders: Spawn in a room with a bunch of those turret things.
    The Ship flys on its own, and the defense just have to defend

    1. Destory the Radio Antenna.
    2. Destory the Hover Electric panels. (x12)
    3. Destory front generator
    4. Destory Front Windshield. (final)


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      Very cool idea, especially with something from the 3rd Matirx movie. Perfect idea dude!:up:

      I just have a question for you, do you like the Matrix series?

      What I think about it: Its the hot s**t!

      BTW, Everything that has a beginning has an end.


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        I dig the ideas...except for the last one about the defenders...just limiting the defenders to turrets would not be fun imo...


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          yeah i went over it in my mind and im trying to think of another way to defend it... maybe have the back open...

          Yes i do like the matrix series.....

          I started working on a sential....

          Primary Fire: Stab (throws one of the tentaceles in front of it.
          Secondary Fire ideas:
          1. Wrap , If possiable , allows the sential to Tie itself around the frist thing infront of it. and causes continus damage.
          2.bomb throw , with a long reload time, pitches a small bomb (2nd movie, but not as strong) in the selected direction.

          any ideas would be nice.

          Not impossiable, envitable.


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            You could make an alt fire similar to the cutting lasers the sentinels have in the movies. Just modify the link gun alt and give it the red laser the target painter uses.


            • #7
              i like that, but the thing is, the laser is on the bottom, which would make things odd, but i could make it a little turret instead...


              The Alt-Link Turret would work, but im wondering about range and what not.


              • #8
                Sounds cool! Hope you can undertake it...


                • #9
                  i don't think i can, i have little experence with Unreal Editor, but im willing to try..


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                    Heres a Sential i started working on, compelety beta but im getting the feel for 3ds again.