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Skynet Rifles and Terminator Monster

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    Skynet Rifles and Terminator Monster

    Ok this is 2 weapons, and if you want a Terminator monster for Invasion, you will have to download the model, links below.

    I have a playabe version of 2 weapons I have been working on. They are not perfect but ready for anyone wanting to try them.
    The one rifle is definitely overpowering, and for the most part should only be used for fun in like Invasion or something against waves of monsters.
    I was testing out Vampires for Invasion by ddraigcymraeg, and I liked that you can get some fast pace action in Invasion since you wouldn't have to worry about dying.
    Here is a link to that:

    I also liked Invasion Pro which has a similar feature about dying in Invasion, and since the waves of Terminators are tough, it is hard to play without dying.
    Well if it gets too easy using the Skynet Pulse Rifle in this pack, try putting like 20 max monsters in each wave, and that can get pretty fast paced.

    Also I have a T-800 Terminator monster for Invasion, so you need Invasion Pro, Monster Manager, or Satore Monster Pack, to play against the Terminators in Invasion.
    Also don't forget to get the Terminator-T800 model by Evil Engine, and I don't think it will matter what version of the model you have, it should work with this.

    Skynet Pulse Rifles Only

    Terminator Model:

    Download links for Invasion Mutators:

    Monster Table Lines for T-800 Monster

    MonsterTable=(MonsterName="Terminator:T-800",MonsterClassName="Skynet.T800Monster",bUseMon ster=True,bUseGibReduction=False)

    MonsterTable=(MonsterName="Terminator:T800",Monste rClassName="Skynet.T800Monster")

    MonsterTable=(bSetup=True,MonsterName="T800",Monst erClassName="Skynet.T800Monster",NumSpawns=4151,Nu mDamage=82919,NumKills=597,NewHealth=180,NewMaxHea lth=180,NewGroundSpeed=440.000000,NewAirSpeed=440. 000000,NewWaterSpeed=220.000000,NewJumpZ=340.00000 0,NewScoreAward=1,NewGibMultiplier=1.000000,NewGib SizeMultiplier=1.000000,NewDrawScale=1.100000,NewC ollisionHeight=30.000000,NewCollisionRadius=25.000 000,NewPrePivot=(X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=15.000000 ),DamageMultiplier=1.000000,bRandomHealth=False,bR andomSpeed=False,bRandomSize=False)

    Let me know if there are any problems, maybe I can get this to the beta section if working, only been tested by me so far.
    Also there is some more info on installation of files in the readme of this mutator pack of weapons and the monster mutator.

    I noticed that when I posted the monster table lines for Invasion Pro, there were spaces, in my above post. I can't stop it from pasting that way.
    So if you copy the monster table lines from this page, just make sure there are no spaces in the line when you re-save the .ini file.

    Actually it might be a good idea to just copy the monster table lines from the readme.txt file that comes in the download.


      Looks interesting.
      I got all the files from the links, but the weapons don't show up in my game. The log shows LPRifleText package is missing. You can use UnrealDeps to check what files are needed.


        Ok will do, I did use my LPRifle code, so it must be just a reference to that class and recompiling, I will re-post a link later.


          I think I have fixed the issue that stopped everything from working. I have updated the download link in the first post.
          If you have already installed all the packages, all you need to do is replace the Skynet.u file, and the SkynetRifleText.utx file.
          Otherwise just install all files in their appropriate folders.
          I am new to using UnrealDependencies, but I hope i got it this time.
          Only testing will tell.


            Now it works, I like how they look.

            It takes a bit too many shots to kill with these weapons, and with the slower fire rate they have it doesn't make them very useful. Just a thought, but maybe you could make more powerful (less for skynet's alt-fire) or faster fire rate alt-versions for the regular game types.


              Your right,
              they are definitely unbalanced, but I did really like the fast paced gameplay that I can get using the alt-fire from the Skynet Pulse Rifle using a large amount of monsters coming at you, a great ' Bug Sqausher' weapon, and the primary fire I just left
              with small fire-power for just killing Pupae's at close range. The other rifle wasn't really meant as a great weapon, I jut thought it went well with the T-800 monsters using it.
              As for adjusting the Skynet one, that is possible, I will look further into the adjustments.