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[REQ] Humiliation Sound when killing by ShieldGun/Assault Rifle

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    It is possible, now the thing is getting someone doing it There is mods and announcer replacements who have that only for the impact hammer at least, but well it's not really what you are looking for or at best a good substitute For my own knowledge there is Unreal Tournament 2 Conversion who pretty much mixes UT and Quake 3 together, then you get a Quake 3 Announcer pack UT2 is easy to find, the second is harder, probably in some obscure site or at gamefront (which kind of suck because of their country ban and file management which is sad because they used to be good in the past ...) That said you might find something and or maybe someone will access your request. The best I can do is providing the sound which is quite easily available ...

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  • [REQ] Humiliation Sound when killing by ShieldGun/Assault Rifle

    In Quake 3, there was cool sound every time there was a frag by Basic chainsaw - Humiliation

    is there any way to make mutator like this in UT2004?