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    If the original game had good AI, then the code should be portable. However, I'm thinking that if even if it did, it still likely required a lot of AI scripts set up throughout the map so they would behave the way you're describing. Similarly all the pawn related stuff (movement speed etc.) will be stated in the game's code, so again, it's an issue of getting that code, extracting it and porting it to UT2004. By the way, your videos are set to private and can't be viewed.

    Anyway, this bit is pretty easy:

    -We have the ability to make them open doors and close them with no problem only other concern is you cant open them by pressing a key like in aa, however the guy who ported the maps has made it possible to shoot the doors for it to open which aint the same. If the developers could acheive opening doors so can we.
    What you do is set up an use trigger with an "event" matching your mover (your door.) The mover can be set to close after a certain amount of time, or it can be set to toggle, staying open until someone activates it again. This and many other things are covered in the advanced bot-pathing tutorial I linked you to a while back. A lot of the stuff you're talking about can be accomplished using techniques from that tutorial.


      That's nice, although I don't think I will participate here. I had hard time to find a coder for a small project like UT2341 (considering the fact there is a lot of ut99 junkies) this is pretty much TC level with little amount of active people creating content I wonder if it's not better to port the stuff. And then make a bot AI
      Good luck on your project, but I don't know if it will go anywhere ...


        I think I can get a basic .u file compiled by this weekend (there are just soo... many.... dang... classes.... ugh!).

        The first version will have the M16, AK, subAK, SR25, and M9 (I hope). I'm at about 60 classes so far (for all the dang hit effects and little extras etc) so moving stuff over from YARM (copy/paste/change names/clean code references to textures/static meshes etc) to this project is taking much more time than I hoped.

        Every individual weapon requires at least eight classes to start with (weapon, weapon pickup, weapon third person attachment, weapon fire, weapon damage, ammo type, ammo pickup, empty magazine) is just a lot of sorting/cleaning/fixing... very tedious stuff. In the base YARM mod package (accumulated over 10+ years) I have over 800+ classes, along with another couple hundred in the other add-on packs.

        [EDIT] Ok, I got a very basic compiled package so far, now just trying to change all of the art asset references (models, sounds, textures) to the AA files. Did you ever get any of the player models/animations converted, or get any more of the weapon skins? (this compiled version will still use my art assets for all of the different bullet-hit material impacts). I've removed the melee feature that YARM had since these weapon meshes don't have any melee animations.

        This version will have enough of the "code framework" as far as unreal script code goes to allow you to play around with making the other bullet based weapons (all you will really need to do is copy/duplicate the classes for one weapon, rename them for the new weapon, then change a few of the default properties to adjust for weapon damage, magazine capacity, animation sequence names, and references to the appropriate skeletal meshes)


          Yeah it helped, but I only have the weapon models, not the player models, and only a few of the weapon accessory skins (like the LAM, ACOG) and the AK skin were included. I'm repackaging the weapon models a bit so that they are optimized (rigidized where appropriate, deleting unnecessary LODs for FPview) and have the correct dummy attachment points specified. Also, whoever imported these into the files made the mistake of naming the skeletal animation data the same as the skeletal mesh data, which confuses the engine and prevents you from being able to cleanly transfer things around and fix problems.

          Ok I got the M9 and M16 fully functional at the moment (using a YARM model for the third person M16).

          I also still need the miscellaneous static meshes for the grenades and other stuff that gets thrown or shot (rockets?). I've got some placeholder art from YARM that I'm leaving in for now (and all of the bullet hit effects for different materials will be the art work I created for YARM, based on the examples from Miles' code example from 8+ years ago). It looks like I don't have the third person meshes (3P) for the M16a2, M16/M203, M82A1, M24, M870, M249 either.

          You can use UT Package Tool to extract the textures, static meshes, and sounds (if I recall correctly) for recompilation later (they may need some cleanup though...)

          [EDIT2] yeah, trying to use these art assets is going to be problematic. It looks like the smoothing groups are kind of messed up (no "hard" surfaces) so the lighting may not look all that great and I've got a sneaking suspicion that the vertex weighting, at least on the arms/sleaves, might not look as clean as it should. The M16 firing animations don't seem to end on the same keyframe. Does AA have iron sights/ADS? I've got ADS working for the M9 (its model is suited well for my YARM code), but the M16 model does not look good when ADS, did AA use a hybrid system for the M16 (like a screen overlay for the rear sight and only the front tip of the model visible)?


            Do you have my YARM mod installed at the moment? Right now this compiled ymAAmod.u files refers to some of the texture/staticmesh/animation/sound files that come with YARM, so if you have it installed I should be able to zip this file up and the modified animation package.

            Right now it only has a fully working version of the M16, M9 and SPR rifle (though the code is in there for the AKSU and AK, just have not yet referenced the model files). I've not done anything regarding bringing over the YARM player movement yet (as I need a playermodel & animations to work with).