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New UT2004 singleplayer Mod Occupant17

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    New UT2004 singleplayer Mod Occupant17

    I am currently working on a singleplayer Mod for UT2004.. Occupant17

    Based on a future llandri post-war situation, you are Occupant17.. a unit set up by llandri for the universal war. The war ended 5 years ago and you are still stranded on an icy planet millions of lightyears from Earth and have to get back before the Skaar (there's a twist) conquer Earth for a final decider.

    I used the OSMT and the Ballistic Mods, the ECE Bonuspack but some from MegaPack of which i'll upload with the Mod in a separate file so no need for the Megapack.

    The Mod won't be available until maybe October 2015 but at the end of March I will upload a link for the Mod and IntroMovie/1st level etc.. so then I only have to upload the Level/map pack in October.

    Here's some pictures of it so far:

    Acid Storage area

    Level 3

    Level 5

    Skaar Enemy skin

    Skaar BattleRovers

    Acid refining/treatment planet

    Nice job, looking good so far.


      , this is gud


        im following this bro looks sweet


          This could be amazing! Really looking forward to trying it out.