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    The 32-bit version of UT2004 (and UnrealEd, UCC, etc.) works fine in Windows 7 and 8 (Win 8 here.) Just because the OS is 64-bit doesn't mean it still can't run 32-bit apps.

    As I said earlier, assets from other games have no place in a "patch" for legal reasons. Again, a patch would update the the game itself, the renderers, that's about it. Do we even have someone around who's capable of making a patch AND who is interested? Would they be able to do it without source code? I don't know.

    Now if the goal is a new community bonus pack... well, that's possible, but we still couldn't use 3rd party assets without explicit permission. While we might be able to release direct ports from other games individually, it's mainly because they slip under the radar and aren't noticed. Put assets from something else into a big pack, especially one with Epic's blessing, it would have the potential to cause serious problems. While I'm sure Epic would allow assets from other Unreal series games in a bonus pack, I still don't think direct ports like UT3 weapons would belong. If people want UT3 stuff, they should download the UT3 mutator pack.

    So why create new things? Well, for a bonus pack, the draw would be new content like maps, characters, or even game modes, vehicles or weapons. I suppose a "best of UT2004" pack would be possible, but would a bit pointless. I think everything in it should either be new or recently updated specifically for the bonus pack. The question is would we be able to come up with enough new, original, high-quality content? Are there enough skilled mappers, modelers and programmers right now who aren't working on or planning to work on UT4 content?


      Originally posted by jefe View Post
      he question is would we be able to come up with enough new, original, high-quality content? Are there enough skilled mappers, modelers and programmers right now who aren't working on or planning to work on UT4 content?
      I was thinking of creating a VCTF-APIV(Air Power IV) map once I can get most or all of my UT2k4 maps finished but I need help getting them finished.


        If this is something we do, I think we need to avoid remakes and using assets from other games. The goal should be 10-12 retail-quality maps and perhaps a couple of original custom characters. Considering what is played nowadays, gametypes should be DM, ONS, CTF and VCTF. All maps should be designed for standard gameplay without mods, and include normal pickups and bot-pathing. DM maps should be designed for normal deathmatch rather than invasion or sniper gameplay. I think TAM/Freon style-maps would be acceptable, but not one-room arenas or giant maps. Likewise ONS and VCTF maps should have standard vehicles only; any custom vehicles should be newly made for the pack and activated via mutator or have an alt-setup like the ECE editions of standard maps.

        We will need commitments from at least 6 or 7 experienced mappers to do this. I have personally always struggled with creating (and finishing) map layouts from scratch, but I'm pretty good at adding the finishing touches - lighting, decoration, texturing, optimization and bugfixing, and can do quality control on the project. The maps should look great and be fun to play.


          Personally I see it like this, providing fixes for the game is the only thing that is needed in the first place however if there is an extended patch
          I would like to see things like tools and stuff to manage more advanced graphical options and these can be added without breaking mod compatibility I believe.
          Also putting some features from mods like oldskool monsta tools, physics mod and probably putting enhancements to the physics engine ...

          For things like HQ weapons, HQ textures, HQ characters, HQ vehicles and such things I think those have to come from separate mods here.
          Ie creating a texture mod just like deus ex new vision
          HQ characters could be made either with HQ model and texture or by redefining the texture
          Same for vehicles
          Weapons will probably need complete reworking.


            Hey guys again, I was thinking about this again, can some experienced programmer and modder here tell me how much time would it take to make conversion or mod of new UT4 into UT2004 with unreal engine 4??
            For starters, "we" by we I mean the modders if/or who are willing to do this can simply export all the stuff from ut2004 straight into new Unreal as placeholders and realease it as prealpha mod with favorite modes like TAM, TDM, ONSLAUGHT, CTF only most played ones, I know getting vechicels would be pain in the "butt" we can do simple conversion/mod, and after if people start playing the mod release updates with contributors who are willing to do HD models and textures for it?

            What you guys think of this idea, anyone interested in this idea?

            As Music Producer, I can help getting all the sounds remastered, I really love ut2004 sounds.

            And I saw some people on new unreal forums are already making remake of original Unreal 1998.


              My additional 2 cents (so maybe I'm up to 4 cents now...).

              Aside from any legal issues (I think there could be many that would need to be addressed), my s.w.a.g. is that just exporting the base UT2004 assets alone (player models, weapon models, pickup and item models + associated textures) AND converting them into a format that UT4 would "eat" would probably take a single person at least 100 to 200+ hours, assuming they knew how to use the tools and no errors occurred (using tools like UModel for the asset export, MilkShape3D (Blender maybe?) for the model format conversion, JASC PaintShop Pro for texture conversion etc.). Then add in time to do all of the other in-editor stuff like setting up physics ragdoll assets, materials, weapon's effects etc. Never underestimate how long even the mundane tasks take.

              Keep in mind that skeletal animation format conversion can be very tricky, and you may be better off rigging the player models to the new UT4 player skeletons and animations. Heck, just turning the .psa anim file format (which MS3D can import) into the new .fbx format (binary or text versions, I've not experimented with either yet) will probably require breaking the single .psa file into several separate files (one for each animation sequence if I understand the current workflow properly).

              As for the code, I'm waiting for the UE4 engine (an UT) to mature a bit more before I try to begin modding/working it with it. I would think that remaking the weapons would be fairly straight forward assuming you had access to the UT4 weapon code as a base, and could modify/tweak them from that starting point; same thing for the player code.

              Also, while I would absolutely love to see the team remaking Unreal succeed (playing Unreal again, especially with Co-op, would be awesome!), remaking the entire game is a super large task, especially given the amount of effort and time the AAA game art takes now-a-days, and that they probably all have their regular jobs, and families too (and if they don't now, there is a good chance they will by the time the project is further along). I would be pleasantly surprised if the project was completed, and especially happy if it was in any less than five years.


                Thanks meowcat for your answer, I also appriciate they are trying to remake original unreal, I have never played it actually but I do have the game :P so it would be new to me, specially now when graphics came this far, i started with unreal tournament 99 originally.
                I would try to make mod myself but I have no experience in unreal engine, except i tried to make some maps in past and know basic knowdlege of c++, classes, pointers etc... But as you said, still no "free" editor included at this stage, hope they will add unreal ed soon so i can start from scratch and learn atleast importing stuff into game. And if you said only 200++ hours, that doesn't sound that bad for experienced coder and modder


                  Originally posted by meowcat View Post
                  Never underestimate how long even the mundane tasks take.
                  This is the truth. Tiny things can take forever to get right. 2000 hours is more like it.


                    A community patch will not revive UT2004, and neither will shoehorning in 'better graphics' from other games that don't line in with UT2004's aesthetic. (Besides, that's already been tried with that horrible "UT2" TC which shoved in Unreal2 things and.... killer instinct things on top of UT things and overall it felt like an embarrassing frankensteined-together bootleg game from russia)


                      UE4 is free now, who is ready to waste time and make ut2k4 mod for new unreal ?!?!?!?!?


                        Originally posted by bass3 View Post
                        UE4 is free now, who is ready to waste time and make ut2k4 mod for new unreal ?!?!?!?!?
                        Just because it is free doesn't mean it is worth it atm.I'll stick to UT2k4 as I have made a huge amount of progress on one of my maps that I have started to carry on recently and so far I am impressed with the work I have done on it!


                          I personally would like to see epic changing their license towards the old engines, ie doing something like what they did with UDK IMHO


                            Yesterday I posted a question too GreatEmerald "when are you gonna do ut4 mod for ut2004"? He answered something like "I already thought about making in other way around" which I thought was cool, and felt excited!

                            It would be nice if you guys gather up, start making and posting code on github or something and make a ut2004 mod for ut4 and put it on marketplace! Later modders can contribute by making HD weapons/Models/textures their maps!

                            For beginning conversion of most popular mods and maps would be nice like: Duel,DM, iCTF,vCTF, Onslaught, TDM, TAM!

                            What you think?