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Historical tanks as vehicles for ONS and VCTF or other vehicle based modes

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    Historical tanks as vehicles for ONS and VCTF or other vehicle based modes

    I know i already posted it... But PWETY PWEASE!! can we have Historical tanks as vehicles for ONS or VCTF as a mutator? i mean Tanks that Used in World war 2. i mean T-34, KV Series (KV-1, KV-1S, KV-85, KV-2), IS Series tanks (IS, IS-2, IS-3, IS-6, IS-8, IS-7), BT Series tanks (BT-2, BT-5, BT-7), German tanks, Luchs, Tiger series, VK series, Maus, WT E100 tanks. Allied tanks, m3 struat, m5 struat (Correct me if wrong), m4 Sherman (And other sherman series tanks if im not wrong), T1 Heavy, T34 (Yes its a alied heavy tank), and other Historical tanks. aswell as would be good to have British historical tanks in the mutator aswell.

    Description for mutator: After Many Onslaught Tournaments has been played, Liandri corporation did not forget about the History of the 90s, Liandri Decided to pick those old Historical Vehicles and put it to the Tournament, Liandri Found out that those Old tanks Requires Whole Crew to make the vehicle work unlike Goliath witch can be controled by single person, Liandri Improved the tanks so they dont need crew and only one player can Control them.

    Here would be good as how it replaces the Original vehicles:

    Manta - Can be replaced by Neither Light tanks, like Luchs, and BT series.
    Scorpion - Same as Above.
    Hellbender - Can be Replaced by Medium tanks, T-34, Sherman series, German Medium tanks (Like VK i think, some VK series are medium and some are heavy)...
    Raptor - Same as hellbender.
    Cicada - Same as hellbender.
    Paladin - Should be Replaced with Heavy tanks, like KV Series, T1 Heavy...
    Goliath - Should be replaced with even more powerfull heavy tanks, like IS series, Tiger series... Alied tank T34
    Leavithan - Since leavithan is really most Powerfull vehicle, it can be Replaced by Maus... since Maus was Super heavy tank, VERY Powerfull Front armor, and POWERFULL gun.

    And an Optionable option (Tunr On/off):
    (This is an Option, you could play the Historical tanks with the old characteristics or the Improved Characteristics that the Liadnri give at the Next Description)
    However! Liandri go the Idea of Improving the Historical Vehicles, Mounting them with Our moderm weapons a.k.a Plasma, Lighting, Link, Shock, Paladin shield, lasers, etc.

    BT Series - Liandri decided to make it Fast and Dodging vehicle, They armed those tanks with Green plasma (The Leavithans Side turrets, that shoot green projectiles).
    Luchs - its a light tank that slower than BT tanks, but has quite more armor, but they decided to give it a Link gun, Good in close range, and can heal Friendly Nodes/Vehicles.
    m3/5 Struat - Another Same as Luchs light tank, they Decided to make it a sniper tank, they armed it with Lighting guns.
    T-34 - Medium tank... they Decided to give it a Shock turret like the paladin has... (Without the shield)
    Sherman series - same as T-34.
    VK series - same as T-34.
    KV Series - From what the Liandri Found, those tanks Wielding good armor, they deicded to give it a shock turrets too, like the Mediums... Expect the KV-2, KV-2 Wielded a Huge gun, so they Give to the KV-2 a Ion plasma gun like the Ion plasma tank has.
    IS series - They found they are Almost same as KV series, by armor, but the guns they carry are Something Between the KV-2 powerfull gun and the KV-1 gun, they also Found that its almost like Goliaths turret, but Reload SLIGHTLY slower, so they Mounted Goliaths gun to the IS tanks.
    Tiger Series - They found those tanks armored from the Front, but rear and sides are weak, so they Deiced to give to those tanks Paladins shield, and Shock turret cause the guns aren't powerfull like IS ones, and they more accurate and reloading faster.
    Maus - Liandri read the story about the story of this tank, they read it Has the most strongest armor, and it was called super heavy, Armroed with gun that no tank could survive, Liandri Decided to give it Ion plasma cannon like the what Ion plasma tank has.
    American T34 and T1 Heavy - Liandri Decided to make those tanks as Heavy snipers, they mounted them with Lighting guns.

    i played World of tanks, and it would be cool to see those vehicles in UT2004...

    Im not telling add realism system, a.k.a Richochet/Bounce mechanic, just Classic, Vehicles will have Amout of Health and if you get hit no matter how you lose Health.

    I have a paladin from somebody who disappeared (Sci Fi) that is taking dust, with no texture, at all. so if someone is interested in this vehicle, I can give him the model for implementation and texturing


      As I think I also said before - best bet to see some of this happen is ripping some tanks off the Red Orchestra mod.

      And may I repeat my wish for a team-specific vehicles mutator.


        There is also a strong lack of active modders actually. This doesn't help