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10th Anniversary Map Pack

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    10th Anniversary Map Pack

    I remember, if I'm not wrong, the TimeWarp crew mapping the Forts, Fusion, Flags, Frags, and Fate of Time map packs for UT99 by his 10th anniversary, very high quality maps, why we can't do the same ? . . .

    There must be some professional mapper still out there, where are they ?, the mappers behind CBP or UCMP, to some of them the game will still have to matter (I'm delusional ?) . . .

    Ultimately, we could do it ourselves but I don't consider myself a professional mapper, even remotely . . .

    I don't know, to me it seems a shame to miss this opportunity, any thought ? . . .

    Rembo from Rembo's Server challenged several mappers to make a map for the 10th anniversary.
    I decided to participate at this contest, even if I am not professionnal and the best mapper.

    Make your map and we can see after.