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Could someone create a mutator that does this, please?

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    meowcat, wasn't there also a mutator that added icons to bots that visualized their current state a la metal gear solid?
    About the superhot mutator, would be cool to add a mechanic where if you kill somebody and then start moving immediately the game would speed up for a second like in 300.
    Actually now that I think about it how about this mechanic:

    When you're not holding any movement keys your HP decreases.
    I tried to make the chart as comprehensible as possible. Basically, when you kill somebody in slow-mo you get a second to re-position yourself and then if you stop moving again you get double rate of fire to try and get another kill immediately, otherwise you get some HP back. Could be a cool way to better incorporate the concept into UT2004.
    PMJDoran2013, afaik in superhot time doesn't stop completely either.


      Meowcat, do you have any updates for us, please, on your progress with the mutator?