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Could someone create a mutator that does this, please?

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    Really sounds like an interesting idea. But probably not easy to make.

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  • Could someone create a mutator that does this, please?

    Someone has written a demo of a forthcoming game, called Superhot (stupid, generic name ), you can play it at

    The thing is, it's a (basic) first person shooter, with one unique point - time only moves when you do. It's probably better for you to try it than for me to describe it, but basically the entire gameworld and everything in it only advances in time when you move or shoot or look around or whatever. When you're not pressing a key (on your PC's keyboard) and not moving your mouse then the game world and anything in it is frozen in time. As long as you do anything (be it move, mouselook, shoot, etc) then time advances as normal, and the game's NPCs and whatever all proceed normally, but as soon as you (the player) cease all action then the game world freezes.

    I think this would make an interesting mutator for Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2004. It would get boring after a while I know, and it would only work for one human player matches, I think, as otherwise the game world would only become frozen when all human players stopped moving, which would be very rare, but even so it would make a great novelty mutator.

    So if anyone here likes the idea, and has the skill to program it, then please think about making it into a mutator, as it could be great.

    Thanks for reading.