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    Autotaunt frequency mutator

    Is there anyone willing to create a taunt frequency limitator?

    I like auto-taunting but I don't need it playing for EVERY kill. There's only 48 taunts and having it at the 100% guaranteed frequency will dry up the taunt packs too quickly.

    Indeed, it would be very nice to have it use the UT3 system - taunts playing only when the person reaches a killing spree/dominating etc. I had a lot more taunts installed when I actually had the game installed, and it still got old really fast. Not to mention that it would be very helpful if the bots reported notable vehicles. And if the players with autotaunt on could report flag carriers, although that''s only useful online.

    Though most likely that would require the use of a custom Bot class, which is always problematic (unless someone created a generic bot with hooks, so that everyone uses that instead of the stock bot class).