I was wondering if any of you "coders" are able to make a special volume which tells the engine to render/not render actors when in it. This could be great to optimise a level. especially those which are pure staticmesh and where zoning is near-impossible.
Example: Imagine a house (in staticmesh) with windows and a door.behind it some building blocks (irregular shaped wich means no for anti-portals) and after it a lot of other staticmeshes rendered because of the lack of space to place anti-portals. so the exclude/include volume tells the engine to render all meshes tagged with a certain (same) tag and don't render the other meshes/actors with another (specified) tag, while in that volume. I don't know if it is a good Idea but was hoping if some coder could do this trick and share it with the rest of the commubity.
THX in advance and hoping to see this kind of a volume one day.
Cordially, MDK