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volumetric lights

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    volumetric lights

    I know might be kind of a wierd request as there is already a radius option

    But , is there any way that the light be in a volume and the volume that be configurable,

    like light transparency in volume shall it be (transculent or opaque)
    how much transculent" (1%to 99%) '
    the light brightness
    light colour

    and the light shouldnt cross the boundaries of volume to go outside :P

    would be happy if have it

    also a rainbow colour option in it if possible

    Oh, I thought it was a request for UE1 style volumetric fog lights or a beta of it. I would so like to see them in UE2, UE3 has a nice replacement with fog volumes but UE2 needs emitters for "fog lights". Well, I guess you can't get anything...

    If I understand you right, you want a volume that changes values of light actors inside of it depending on what setting the volume has, right? Just curious.


      yeah u can say that
      but the volume be the light actually with configurable settings :P
      much helpful in trial mapping according to me but can give cool effect in many things


        So, you want this:

        A volume that will have properties that when changed will change every light actors' properties inside it?


          yes, that would do it too but the light should only stay in that volume.
          and shall not cross the boundaries.