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Small request: Keep bots from using adrenaline

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    Originally posted by Nemephosis View Post
    Yeah, I totally knew it mattered and deliberately withheld it, cause I'm just supercoder and all, and knew that and thought it would be good for a laugh. What a **** move.

    Obviously I screwed up. I do apologize, I didn't know there were different ways to go about it.

    The mutator I am using is Advanced Regeneration. I think I still have the zip file if anybody needs that.

    Sorry again, Wormbo. Clearly I don't know this stuff.
    Was not supposed to come off condescending, just a hint that it's better to tell the full circumstances under which you plan to run a Mutator when you already know it.

    Could be hard to cause the other Mutator not to change the stuff as you barely have any control about the order in which Mutators are loaded. So Wormbo's Mutator would have to make sure that it's loaded after the custom one, which is quite hard and maybe even barely possible (or just not worth the effort, dunno).

    Alternatively he could maybe set the bots adrenaline back to 0 whenever the bot receives adrenaline, if such a hook is offered in script.


      huh, is there a specific order they're loaded in? Alphabetically, perhaps? (lol, wouldn't it be something if the only fix needed was to make it come before the "AD" in "Advanced"? )


        In UT1 you had full control over the mutator order, in UT2004 you have to deal with alphabetical order. But mutator order doesn't necessarily create the problem you have. There are other places than initialization to (re)enable adrenaline.
        In fact, it seems bots can activate combos even if adrenaline is disabled. All that's required is a full adrenaline counter. I suspect your other mutator simply increments adrenaline without checking whether the player is actually allowed to have it. No chance for me in that case.


          Not only does it not check, there is actually a setting you can check to attempt to force adrenaline into modes that don't use it.

          Okay, well I very much appreciate you taking your time to look at this. Thanks very much.