I'm hoping someone might be able to whip something up real quick-like that simply keeps bots from using adrenaline combos. I've got this mutator called Advanced Regeneration, and it's what I use as my "infinite ammo" mutator because it wasn't written by a half-brain-dead chimpanzee.

Well, I have it set to regenerate adrenaline super fast (like, near instant) if it isn't 100 and isn't in the middle of an adren combo. The idea was that I can use adren any time I want.

It works great, except for the fact the bots use it to the same effect. They especially love the Invisibility combo. I checked their usage stats, they favour it almost at a 4-1 scale, if not more. I feel like I'm firing at ghosts most of the time.

So, I am hoping someone wouldn't mind whipping up a little mutator that prevents the bots from activating adrenaline combos. It'd be very much appreciated.