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May I ask a HUGE favour of a mapper?

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    May I ask a HUGE favour of a mapper?

    Okay, I'll try to make this short. I'm known for writing a lot though.

    Back in the day, I played Unreal Demolition. I was fairly good at it if I do say so... they have a map called UD-BlockFort. It's basically Mario Kart 64's three-tiered block level. It's basically this, minus the dead guys there:

    Now, my memory gets a bit hazy... someone converted this for CTF use. It may have been the original author of that map (Dan Weiss), it may not have. I cannot remember, it was a long time back now.

    My point is, I asked nicely, and someone very generously did it.

    That said, I have recovered just about everything from when I lost my UT2K4 directory all those years ago.

    Anyone else see where I'm going here? :P

    Would someone very generously throw some flags and a little botpathing in there for VCTF and CTF4 use? (vehicles can't be four teams I think, but with four teams you won't need or miss them anyway.)

    Also for aesthetics, the red and the gold coloured blocks need to be swapped, so that it's red/blue facing across from each other, and green/gold facing.

    I'd be so appreciative of this if someone could.

    its already been made a few times heres
    DM-Neon-Blockfort v2.0



    heres one from a redirect
    just uncompress this one


      DM maps, though, and probably not with the red/gold swapped either.


        Hey thanks for opening up new links m8.... so many maps out on the net.


          Yeah! Where do you find all these? I bet there's a ton of cool mods/maps I'm missing.


            Same m8.

            Some great one's for Dual Deinonychus fight out's.


              goggle is your friend


                One problem google only goes so far.


                  The Omni guys also made an ONS version, though you need to play on their server (or once probably to get all the crazy vehicles in your cache and extract them since they are not included in the map files.


                    I have never seen a ut2004 CTF version of BlockFort.

                    Originally posted by Nemephosis View Post
                    Yeah! Where do you find all these? I bet there's a ton of cool mods/maps I'm missing.
                    This directory index page list thousands of files
                    (your browser will probably stall for couple minutes while the full page loads)
                    Keep in mind: If a uz2 mapfile has external package dependencies, you will need to go back and find/dl those also.

                    ut2003 and 2004 maps for download (listed by name, no other details)

                    Insite - UT2004 and UT2003 maps (a lot 'em I haven't foud the maps elsewhere)

                    maps (with screenshots) and mutators -- very good collection


                      ****, that;'s a lot of stuff to go through. Thanks, I'll have to check it out


                        Well, do you want that map so badly? Shall I make it for you?
                        It's not that hard and you may even except a beta today.
                        I'll be just able to make regular CTF, I'm not very experienced with CTF4 or vCTF, maybe someone could convert it later then if you'd want more than just regular CTF

                        EDIT: See this thread for my remake