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    The UT3 vehicle balancing is imho worse than the UT2k4 one. The controls and the camera feel inaccurate and it's harder to kill infantry, unless you have the overpowered Goliath.
    It's way harder for infantry to kill vehicles, though, unless they have the AVRiL (which is only superior due to the higher missile speed, which kinda takes the tactical element of escaping the missile or locking it on in last second away for me).

    I like the Bio Rifle delay when you hit someone with the big blob. He knows he is going to die but still has a second or two where he can try to hit his enemy. And it doesn't cause such a high radial damage when it hits something.

    The Flak never felt right to me. The shards where rather like needles instead of deadly big hot iron chunks and also traveled too fast. Of course I also miss the satisfying sound of the primary fire from UT2k4.

    The Shock Rifle is indeed horrible to aim with in UT3. I don't know why but I barely hit anything with it there.


      I tried the vehicles again... WOW! Do I love the SPMA or what! Makes you wonder why they didn't just do that right away! man, that is amazing.

      The Leviathan is pretty cool too, I like the different turrets. Makes it feel more like an assault machine and less... I dunno. Bland? Very cool.

      The Cicada is another one of those "Why the hell didn't they think of that for UT2K4?" with the altfire. You can actually hold it and not fire right away... derr! Why didn't they think of that sooner? lol. Then again, why didn't a modder ever think of that before UT3 either...

      Man, overall my favourite has to be the SPMA. Incredible! Small changes, big differences.

      Pressing Use as the titan does nothing for me though (mine's mapped to U though, dunno if that makes a difference.)


        Originally posted by Sly. View Post
        IIrc, GE didn't include the delay after loading all 3 missiles into the RL.

        And the weapons in UT3 have different sounds, iIrc (didn't play with the mutator since I got my new PC) GE's mutator has just one sound for each firing more of the UT3 weapons.
        Those two are fixed. Mostly, anyway. Since UT3 uses a very different sound system, I couldn't emulate it precisely, but it's as close as it gets.

        That could be said about the pack overall, it's simply impossible to make it exactly like in UT3 because the differences are just too great.

        But yea, UT3 grows on you. Especially when you use Blossom and MapMixer. The graphics, even if cluttered, are superior, and MapMixer is even better than in UT2004. Plus there are HOLP maps. And personally I prefer the overdone weapons of UT3 to toy-like weapons of UT2004 (still, UT1 weapons looked the best, even if low poly). And, of course, I like the vehicle balance in UT3, and especially the Necris vehicles. Scavenger FTW!


          So does the UT2K4 version of the Titan mutator not let you do anything other than become Godzilla and get a lot of health? That's not that much fun...


            Ask whoever coded it.


              I can't, there's no readme or anything.


                Where did you get it from, then?


                  Post number 23 in this thread. It's a Mediafire link.


                    Originally posted by Net Lizzard View Post
                    Works as adrenaline combo, author GP.
                    So ask GPing.


                      See, I didn't know who that was... lol. Okay, thanks.

                      edit: So I got the wrong guy, lol. Fortunately he knows about it. Basically, the titan mutator linked to in heresucks massively bad. If you're expecting UT3 levels of usefulness, are you in for a disappointment.