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Jungle Maps

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  • Jungle Maps

    I would like to see some large jungle themed DM maps.

    Are there any already available?

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    I don't think so. I've never seen one before but I made a testmap for the Single Player Framework to find out if a rather large and thick forest/jungle map would have a good performance in UE2. It worked quite well. I can post a screenshot of it if you like and I might create such a map for you later if you like it (of course I'll make a real jungle map then. But I can only start with it sometime after Christmas, right now I'm very busy with the textures for FewPosts and real life). It's called "SP-Training_SKAARJ_CHALLENGE". If you have the Single Player Framework then I can send my original testmap to you. It's a testmap from my Single Player Framework one-man project I made to test some designs for the environments and it shall make the player familiar with his/her main antagonists: The Skaarj (they are still a bit bugged and "real" Skaarj animations are missing that's why it looks like they hold a weapon).


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      A lot of maps use an ancient temple theme with jungle elements, would that work? For example, DM-B-AncientArena, DM-Angkor, DM-D2F[MayanRuins] or UT/Unreal remakes like DM-Arcane_Temple2k4. Or are you looking for maps that have little to no architecture and are mostly trees?

      If mostly trees, DM-NightofNature is the only one I can think of of the top of my head. I couldn't find a DL for it, so grab it off a redirect.


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        I've thought about making jungle maps, but they have a few issues that must be addressed/properly planned in order to be 'fun' in my opinion ->
        1. Bots 'see' through anything that does not block zero-extent traces, meaning if an instant hit weapon is not stopped by it (leaves for instance on many of the default foliage meshes) then the bots can clearly see you through it.
        2. Terrain deco layers can be turned of clientside
        3. Alpha layers overdraw can murder rendering performance
        4. An open jungle/forest with a few small trees is just as boring in game as it is in real-life.
        5. Camping, since camouflage works so well, can become the winning strategy (again, boring)

        Ways to address these issues (I have yet to really practice this though):
        1. Keep the main "areas of play" relatively open at the knees-to-head area, keep any foliage that would obscure this area in the non-playable parts of the map. If your going to place a big plant in an open area, consider placing some hard cover next to it as well (boulder/stump/log)
        2. Only use terrain decos for the foot-level plants that can be turned off without giving anyone an advantage
        3. Make sure all textures are masked (careful though as lod'ing can make them completely transparent at distance). See also 4
        4. Design the map as an "open outdoors/nature" theme. Intersperse boulders, ruins of temples, cliff faces etc. to break up the lines of sight and allow antiportals and BSP blocks to be hidden (AP for rendering, BSP for network occlusion). Areas around waterfalls, or cliffs allow for good z-axis combat/movement. Once the map is fun this way, then add all of the needed overhead jungle foliage and low brush deco to match the theme (and make sure to simplify collision or remove altogether for small stuff as nothing is worse than getting caught on tiny decorations).
        5. Come up with some plausible "plant blocking volume" deco that visually looks like something that would stop a player in real life (thicket of sticker bushes/thorns etc) and can be used to keep players from hiding in that tiny perfectly camouflaged corner.

        A good jungle themed map that could work for UT2k4 would be the Jungle Level from Halo 1. The tree trunks and a few boulders could provide the 'hard' cover while the plant model provided some ground level visual cover and push the jungle theme. Two or three nice low level deco meshes could also help. Sounds of course are a necessity as well...

        For outdoor maps I was always partial to Greenloves' CoverShore and Dm-1on1-Vega


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          I forgot, DGunreal made quite a few open terrain maps that are fun. DM-DG-Tanjung is in a jungle setting like Jurassic Park, and DM-DG-PineRidge-TheHunt, while not a jungle, is a great outdoor forest map. Grab them here:


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            Mapraider's UT2003 section (for those maps work in UT2k4 aswell) has lots of forest/jungle like maps. Just type in "forest". I personally recommend "DM-Death-be-thy-name".


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              Thanks, the best map I have found so far is DM-Nam.

              How do you convert a .uz2 file into a .ut2 file?


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                Put it into the system folder, create a text file, add this in it:
                ucc decompress YourFilenameGoesHere.ut2.uz2
                change the extension to .cmd or .bat, doubleclick and there you go.


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                  As an alternative, you can use tools like UT2004Mi if you prefer GUIs:


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                    I tried that but it kept saying that I was missing the UCC whatever that is.


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                      Originally posted by jefe View Post
                      I forgot, DGunreal made quite a few open terrain maps that are fun. DM-DG-Tanjung is in a jungle setting like Jurassic Park, and DM-DG-PineRidge-TheHunt, while not a jungle, is a great outdoor forest map. Grab them here:
                      His maps are great. I always prefered him to Hourences as the "big dawg" on the scene. Some of the things he did on his levels are just insane. I rembere he made a VCTF level that was SOOO huge, it was insane. It was like the size of one of those bedroom maps you see alot, but it was to scale and actually worked for the gameplay. IIRC Aether was my favorite of his, and The Pod. All of his maps are great.