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Gametype idea: Dynasties

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    Gametype idea: Dynasties

    A game type simhilair to Onslaugth, but with a big twist!

    Every are containing a control point is covered in a cube like field of a teams colour (or blank if no team controls it).

    Conquering an unoccupied zone is easy, but conquering a zone owned by another team is a different thing. To conquer it, you must crush a certain number of their forces...

    hold on... what forces???

    Well, in Dynasties, a team owned zone, spawns npc troops that defence the area, they are extremely weak, but can still do some damage.

    If two opposing zones are next to each other, then the troops will move to attack each other, the rest are on hold to defend their base.

    If a member of a team (controlled by a player or a bot) is in a zone close to being occupied, then the zone WON'T be occupied until that player (or players) have been eliminated or driven out of the zone...

    a team can't try to conquer a zone that is not linked to another zone owned by ones team, just like in onslaugt...

    also, how far a team is to conquering a zone can be seen on a life bar on the hud...

    The team that wins is the one to conquer ALL zones...

    What do you think?

    I like the idea. Only two potential concerns jump to mind:
    1. There would probably still need to be some sort of "recapture time" once the local forces have been eliminated (e.g. touch the control point, it begins converting over to the new team, but still belongs to other until switchover completes). The reason I say this is that I can see this reaching quite a stalemate where the near-winning team is always one control point away from winning it all. Alternatively you could also just have the winning conditions based on capturing a preset amount of the control points on the map (4 out of 5 etc. with maybe each enemy base being worth 2 regular capture points).
    2. Lots of additional pawn "forces" could be pretty demanding on the server (and I thought there was an upper limit of 64...). But I suppose if the "battleline" is only two or three capture points this probably would not be too bad.

    Those concerns are relatively minor though and would not need to be addressed until the gametype was ready to be tested.

    What did you have in mind for forces? Other bot-type pawns (look like players), invasion style monsters, or maybe flying robot drones (generic enough to fit in with UT2k4, and would not need much in the way of AI coding)?


      Pure awesomeness!

      Would like to see such a gametype. I would even like to build at least one map for it for testing purposes

      As you already mentioned it can be based on Onslaught.

      But the cube could destroy the atmosphere of the "war". Why not an aura above the sky? Something like dark blue or dark red coulds? (a static mesh with nice cloud textures)

      @meowcat: Why not Goliaths you can't enter but instead they have their "own" AI and are not as strong and don't have as much life as regular Goliaths?

      EDIT: I see another problem: Once one team has almost all control points it will be pretty hard for the losing team to regain control over those points. How about this:
      The number of troops which the winning team has are in the base of the losing team to balance it out. This would make it more fair and you could still regain control over an area.


        Well, if you have lots of Npc warriors, you should be able to determine how much defend and attack (maybe some sliders in the pause menu?). How much npcs are spawned per node? If you have too much, driving vehicles around would be a pain in the *you know where* unless you want to travel at step speed.
        However I like the overall idea pretty much.


          Sounds like a great idea. As a couple of the others have mentioned I could see some possible balance and server issues, but I think that could be tweaked to work. Issues aside, I think it could be a bunch of fun.


            Not my speed, but what you've described sounded remotely familiar so I looked through my bookmarks and found this:

            Archasis is a total conversion modification for UT2004 currently under development. It draws the player into a world of archaic warfare involving swords, bows and other medieval combat weapons. The final version is planned (but not limited) to have the following features:

            team-based game type:Fortress Command, a combination of assault and domination - there are numerous flag points throughout each level and the two factions battle for dominance of all the flags. The winning team is the one that captures every point.
            Class system with six completely different types (Knight, Archer, Mage, Paladin, Assassin, Necromancer). Each class has their own set of weapons and special abilities
            Experience/Level-ups RPG system of character development with each match
            Stamina system to add realism to gameplay as well as the need for more strategy in battle
            All new content including models, animation, textures, sound and music
            Variety of battle environments including forests, castles, caves, cliffs, towns, and coastlines


              I think Rukifellth wanted to be like this: first capture all points and then defeat the remaining troops

              It would be cool to have it as a gametype instead of an own mod. Playing a "real warfare gametype" in the Unreal Universe would be cool.
              You could even make some real "Necris against humans" map with some more balance, a war feel to it and the UT3 weapons (this would be possible thanks to Emeralds mutators ).