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Grav gun stuff?

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    Grav gun stuff?

    this thread is about the gun-

    But what about the stuff ? You know, like, the Stuff, man? Far out.

    a configurable mutator that randomly spawns exploding and movable stuff, so the grav gun from U4e, or a more fully implemented HL2 style grav gun, could move it.
    I know monsters get spawned randomly in Invasion Everywhere, etc-so could you do the same with stuff? like Rumple's fire and goop barrels: ,and the moveable stuff from the Exion mod.

    But would spawn in any map.... with permission from a few guys I think most of this is out there, it would need to be put together as mutator, not easy but doable ?

    also shameless plug for my web comic: I can't code but I make doodles.

    Spawning stuff random all over the map should be easy. (take a look at the Junkwar mod.)
    Creating stuff that is large and can be thrown around should also be possible (DM-2019 by Angelheart has trash bags that you can shoot around).
    Make this stuff kill players is another thing although Kognefaure redid his (awesome!) Ragdoll madness mutator and implemented an option to allow ragdolled players throw others off their feet by impact.
    So I guess you are right if you say it would need to be put together as mutator.


      As a starting point:
      The SuperWeapons SWX mutator
      contains a weapon which alt+fires persistent (15 seconds til melt/disappear) huge "ice crystal" projectiles. These can be kicked around after they come to rest.

      Does the gravGun you have onhand push things with fire and pull/attract with alt+fire?
      Use a weapon replace mutator and check whether the gravGun beam is able to move the ice crystals.
      If it does, what would be the appeal in having both in a single weapon?
      If primary fire launches projectile, is alt fire gonna push, or pull?

      Both? Yeah, some weapons in the MayhemWeapons package have additional firemodes,
      but pausing to swap firemodes while playing seems inconvenient.

      Whoosh. the "random stuff" aspect goes over my head (or something) I just don't get it.
      If you mean: Every time you fire, you don't know which of a random collection of projectiles will be fired... good luck finding anyone willing to code all the additional stuff.


        melissa_jo, thank you so much for your continued input...
        tonight I'll play with the gun and the SWX thingy and report back...
        The gun I have is the I.A.M. from U4E, it is quite fun but not particularly elegant- off the top I believe it just grabs stuff on the end of a blue line and lets you toss it - players and vehicles only, without much control. I'll double check alt fire.
        As for the "random stuff", my orig idea was to have say, I dunno, a few to several different types of things such as barrels, exploding barrels, saw blades, crates, etc, (most of which has been done in one mod or another) spawn around a map and then some kind of gravity gun could pick them up and throw them. I know goose egg about coding but my suggestion of having the game change the way it reads the objects from "stuff" into "projectiles" once picked up was my shot in the dark at trying to get around the problem of the game not reading a frag caused by flying stuff properly. The gun itself shouldn't be creating the objects, at least not initially.
        Mayyyyybe, would it be easier to modify the ball launcher? It would need to pull and pick up the "stuff" instead of the ball, (and you'd want to still see said "stuff" when picked up), but it already tosses the BR ball with good precision - the trick again would be getting ownership of the damage caused to be properly applied, yes?
        Barionyx's read on this is pretty much spot on- my only quibble would be if possible I'd love to see an option for having the grav gun in an arena match or replacing one of / in addition to the other weapons.


          Okay, based on reading papasfritas latest post, I believe this existing mutator
          JCB Content Mania mutator
          comes close to what you've described.

          The mutator has 2 modes, "setup", and "play". You enable setup mutator and walk through your map(s) and choose from a popup menu picklist what, and where, you wish extra stuff to appear during matches. Your customizations are saved to an ini file, and are applied each time you play that map (if the ContentMania 'play' mutator is active). In addition to the many items already in the pre-built picklist, according to the docs, the mutator enables you to inject custom objects (custom weapon pickup, sploding ammo pickup, dollbombs, custom meshes, whatever). Also, during gameplay you can call up the picklist and spawn items realtime (but items spawned this way aren't remembered/saved).

          I can't guess which of the items you've custom placed into the maps will be affected by the gravGun beam. You'll need to experiment. As for randomness, the docs mention "Triggers - you can set triggers at points in the map which then spawn other items"





          AFAIK, this mutator works with maps of ANY gametype.

          I skimmed through the code and did not see any AddToNavigation() calls.
          Expect bots to be blind to the extra content. They may stumble across a pickup but they won't know its there unless they do... and they may run into (and act stumped by) large meshes placed in a location which blocks a navigation path segment.


            Originally posted by melissa_jo View Post
            [...]Whoosh. the "random stuff" aspect goes over my head (or something) I just don't get it.
            If you mean: Every time you fire, you don't know which of a random collection of projectiles will be fired... good luck finding anyone willing to code all the additional stuff.
            Well, I am not absolutely sure how Papasfritas imagines that but in my mind it is like that:

            1. Random Stuff is scattered all over the map (crates, barrels, sawblades, [maybe also fridges, wheelchairs, TVs], etc) before the match starts (like in Junkwar)
            2. Players spawn with only a gravity gun which lets them attract that movable stuff and have it hover in front of them if the beam is kept active
            3. Players try to kill each other by flinging that stuff towards others (so releasing it while turning the gun to give the crate momentum)

            I tried to make a little animation to help understand how I personally imagine this: My Imagination (Imageshack link)
            Note: The thing in the middle is supposed to be a fridge

            Edit: A bit like the BW Lightning gun: Click here (Youtube link)


              Reiterating what I posted above, I think you're all set.
              Load the mutators I suggested, add in the IAM via arena mutator, and find out whether the IAM can hurl the "stuff" placed start-of-match by the ContentMania mutator.


                MJ, thanks for pointing out the JCB Content Mania mutator, I had a lot of fun playing with it, and it could be most of solution.
                The IAM is not a close replica of HL grav gun, but it is fun. Primary allows grab/move people and vehicles. With practice you can get better. 2ndary is like a movement aid; you latch on to something and fling yourself around from that point. To my knowlede, the IAM is the best candidate. The mass vacuum pulls stuff to you, but does not allow you to fling anything. I did mess with weapon stuff, but could not get another gun to use the IAM fire. Barionyx made a great association with the ballistic lightning gun, which I always thought was cool.
                The important thing is you can score kills by either flinging an opponent around OR picking up a vehicle and squishing them. It won't move much else, far as I can tell. I emailed / await reply from the Exion creator.
                Soooo... I think to fully realize this mess using the JCB Content Mania mutator, a vehicle pack could be made. "Vehicles" that are smaller in scale utilizing meshes of, quoting Barionyx, "crates, barrels, sawblades, [maybe also fridges, wheelchairs, TVs], etc" that would have to be locked to all players. Also, the IAM probably would need some tweaking to toss sawblades in a useful way.
                For the moment, it is quite fun to kill invasion zombies by flinging fraged specials at them.


                  Does ContentMania include a "deco exploding barrel" as one of the placeable objects?
                  The barrels (can be bumped, pushed by players) should be affected by the IAM fire.

                  I couldn't find my archived copy of U4E, so I downloaded from
                  U4E version 5 beta 3
                  and either the file is damaged, or UMOD extractor has repeatedly mangled the contents when I extract.
                  (One of the *.ucl files winds up being 250+ megabytes)

                  Is v5 beta 3 usable, or is "U4E version4" the way to go?
                  Can you suggest an alternate download location for U4E?


                    Content mania's documentation lists pickups/weapons/decos, and does include the exploding barrel from standard assault. But it doesn't respond to the U4E IAM. It is still very cool to have exploding placeable barrels

                    Rumple's fire goop barrels probably are the same deal ? And the link on his site was down. I can't figure the lines to add the Exion stuff to Content Mania.

                    What do you think of making the junk as vehicles? I mainly think that would be good because then it would register kills, (if you whip a bot with a cycle or scorpion with the IAM, you do indeed get a kill) but is it doable to make things coded as vehicles which are locked to use by any players... "non-vehicle-vehicles"....?
                    Maybe I could help by producing meshes, but getting them into UT as "vehicles" is beyond my current knowledge...
                    As for U4E, v5 beta 3? I dunno if it's good or not, but try this:


                      What do you think of making the junk as vehicles?
                      I think that's ridiculous (hey, you asked!)
                      All else aside, vehicle coding is beyond my ability (and my interest).

                      If the IAM doesn't move exploding deco barrels, the prospect of using it is a dead end, IMO.
                      If you find a grav gun which DOES move the barrels, let me know.


                        Maybe the Construction grav. gun (is the name right?) could do that? At least it can move vehicles and players. It has the model of the 2k4 Shock Rifle. It's just a bit moved.


                          Originally posted by melissa_jo View Post
                          I think that's ridiculous (hey, you asked!)
                          All else aside, vehicle coding is beyond my ability (and my interest).
                          I guess what he means is that you make an unaccessible (for everyone unusable) vehicle that has the mesh of that particular junk (e.g. a fridge ). This way the junk would have the proper physics and one could also adjust the mass to make it more realistic (a wooden crate or a surfboard would be lighter than a fridge or a fire barrel right?). This way we would have solved the problem to get a grav gun that can move this stuff (as the IAM can move vehicles).
                          So they would only be vehicles in the code.


                            Yes Barionyx, that's what I meant exactly. They would not function as vehicles- you would not have to mess with making them drivable in any way, just let the engine read them as vehicles so the physics/kill count works...

                            @ Sly, I'm not sure what gun you're referring to, do you have a link?

                            @MJ, thanks for your input. For your kactor things, maybe add bombs to maps... they should drop into the arena... then you'd have to push them away/run before they go off? Sort of like the crowd watching the tournament was throwing stuff at the players ... could add power ups too but not sure what wouldn't overlap with relics... I will keep thinking of this...
                            Your Crash Bandicoot thing sounded cool...