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Request: Monsters populating the map

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    Request: Monsters populating the map

    I hope the title is not too confusing, I did not know how to formulate that

    What I imagine is a mutator (or gametype) that lets you choose one or more types of monsters and then scatters them all over the map [similar to the UT2004 version of "Jurassic rage"]. Those monsters should have a limited view (I hope this does not have to be done for each monster but for all of them in general) and attack if they see you or get attacked. If possible, they should move away from the player when they cannot reach them.
    This should create a nice atmosphere when you clean an area of an infestation and sneak around killing monsters.

    So first question: Is this possible?

    If yes, I hope someone will make this if he/she has time and feels like doing something like this

    Except for the "move away from the player when they can't reach them" part, this will perform what you described, in maps of any gametype:

    InvasionEverywhere (mutator)

    also, INIQUITOUS created a wonderful InvasionPro gametype: