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simple serious gaming mod needed for research

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    UT2Vote has a lot of documentation & is a chore to setup but as far as I know using it is the only way to accomplish differing goalScore etc for each map within a single gametype. My suggestion is that you back away from the notion of adding these bells and whistles. You now have a working gametype, complete with non-violent scoring via placeable custom pickups, and reasonably accurate movement physics.

    Server setup is beyond the scope of my knowledge. If you intend to take the route of setting up a dedicated server, you might try soliciting help locally, or post to the "server administration" subforum here, or post to the forum at


      The game functions quite OK when I configure it from the Host Game option.
      I select a map and start playing. Jetpack works fine, I do not see the plates (where weapons used to be in teh maps) since I unchecked the "weapons stay" box in the gamerules.

      But... when I start a dedicated server using these settings the game is not doing what I want.
      I start a dedicated server and then open a new Unreal program to join the game on the same computer. Now The jetpack is not functioning,
      the plates are visible, the number of selected coins is not reflected correctly in the screen.
      The map cycling is ruined again.

      Is this custom game type Wisselgeld maybe not suitable for dedicated server use?
      When I try to do play on a local lan, the second computer downloads Wisselgeld and jetpack, but still the jetpack is not present in the game.

      I am lacking knowledge to come with a usable analysis.




        The custom game should be fine for use with a dedicated server, but...

        dedicated server: join only from other PCs
        (do NOT attempt to play a client instance on the server!)

        Perhaps your main benefit from having 'dedicated' server is that you could setup a redirect
        (and spook will ask "What is a redirect?")(search: "redirect server")
        so that any packages missing on joining clients will be automatically pushed (downloaded) to them. In a LAN environment, you do not have a need for this. You can ensure that copies of all the game-related files are in place on each client PC ahead of time.

        When I try to do play on a local lan, the second computer downloads Wisselgeld and jetpack, but still the jetpack is not present in the game.
        Why does the second computer download anything at time of joining?
        Did you forget to copy the needed files to the client ahead of time... or were you experimenting to find out whether the dedicated server would properly "push" the packages from the redirect you created for it?

        The Wisselgeld package is self-contained. All the resources it uses (textures, sounds, meshes) are contained within the single package. In contrast, Jetpack depends on other custom packages (usx, utx). Perhaps you forgot to install these packages to the client PCs? It can't work (and would behave as you've described) if a client has only a copy Jetpack.u



          i was experimenting indeed, to figutre out what the best way would be to implement the game in the classroom.

          I will work out some self extracting installation file that copies the required jetpack files, removes any "scary" characters, etc.
          Then I will install the unreal game and afterwards run this extra installation run.
          That ' ll do the job.

          Thnaks for informing me; now I know that the server-push ias not the easy way to follow,



            Hi Melissa-Jo,

            This weekend I played around with unreals settings a lot. It was a giant trial and error experience.

            I reinstalled the Unreal program several times, but finally I have something that works (sometimes ;-)).

            I did a clean install of Unreal 2004 on two laptops, connected in a wifi lan.
            I added Jetpack_v2.1 files (this jetpack does not need key-binds but by default is coupled to the space bar) on both computers. This way the joining players do not have to configure the jet pack)
            I installed Loose-change on both computers.
            I adjusted the user.ini so that strafe and backwards speeds are set to 0.

            I turned on map voting (I did not manage to find the right mapvote59 settings. Me messing around with the settings seemed to do more harm than good)

            Now the game rotates through the available DM maps.
            I adjusted the friction and gravity in these maps to create a nice learning experience / level design
            Minor feature now is that I must trust my students not to really start voting, as they will ruin the level-design (lesson's order).

            This setup works,... sometimes at least. I noticed that on the joining computer the player does have a jetpack, but there is no fuel meter shown. While it has been installed in exactly the same way! When I start a game in host Game, the player has a jetpack WITH fule, when the game is joined, no fuel is available and the jetpack does not function. It confuses me.
            Also the maps on the joining computer sometimes show the plates where guns used to be, while the host has been configured in a way that "weapons stay" is unchecked. On the hosting computer these plates are not visible. So there are some differences between the hosting and joining laptop, which are configured identically. I get confused by these differences, but I can live with them.

            Knowing that this setup works, in a more or less stable manner, I added the Wisselgeld files and maps.
            Now I did not manage to get the maps rotating.
            I left this path and returned to Loose Change. It seems to be a bit more solid than the Wisselgeld package and I am running out of time. The only drawback is that I cannot have the koink-gun make a player drop the coins. But it was a feature for experienced players, and my students will be beginners; at the beginning at least... ;-)

            I noticed that the connection between the two computers is troublesome. I have to start a Join-session on one laptop, than start a hosting session on the other laptop and then hope that the join-session picks up the game.
            Sometimes it does not. If I manually tell (~): open, a connect message appears but nothing happens.
            A next try I manage to get a connection.
            I am very curious how that 'll turn out in school.




              You sure have taken the fast track in learning the ropes!
              Congratulations in following through to reach a working solution.

              About the "start a join, start a host... hope it connects" issue:
              If your server is IP
              and the game is listening on port 7777
              and you have placed a desktop shortcut on each LAN client, pointing to
              ut2004: // (remove the space)

              (start the game server in advance and)

              players should be able to consistently join the server by clicking the shortcut. If you are seeing inconsistent connection results, you should consult with someone locally to examine the LAN infrastructure.

              If the hosting server itself is a "laptop, connected to the LAN via wireless", OMG, you're probably pushing the envelope (amazing to think a laptop would be up to the task of acting as a server).