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    Stargate Atlantis Map MOC

    Hey guys I've been think about what to do for a new map and Stargate Atlantis is the first thing that popped into my head. So after three days of sitting with my face glued to my computer I created this. Please remember that this is my first official release and I'm just a 16 year old Australian guy who does nothing but map... Anyway I'm looking for any good or bad criticism on my map and it will be upfor release as soon as possible.

    Here are some screen shots of my map

    Atlantis city

    Ancient warship

    Control room

    Puddle Jumper

    Control Chair

    Wraith hive

    My map is the most funnest Stargate map I've ever played but its still in alpha stage at the moment lol.

    .:Master-of-Crime:. M.O.C

    Hmmm, I think you might have forgotten the download link to the level, but judging from the pics, it looks really nice, but needs another skybox... something that looks more like in the series...

    you know? clear sky with a clear view of the ocean?


      yeah man i kno i will put the download link up in about a weeks time i just want to kno what people think and at the moment the ocean is so big it make the sky box glitch out a little bit. Its better now becouse those are old screen shots.

      Anyway a download link with be up in a week or less I just want to know what people think


        here's some more stuff

        ZPM Thing

        Another bunch of random rooms



        Still more to come


          btw Rukifellth just leting u kno that the city is not a skybox it is one big brush and you can go in rooms all over the city and fly around with two ships that are above the city 1 a ancient warship and 2 a wraith hive ship and these are also not in the skybox.


            Oh I understand that, I'm speaking of the skybox around the city.

            As it is now, it's like Atlantis has gotten stuck in Silent Hill. :P


              Ok news first I've been so deticated to this map I havent had a cigarette in over 8 hours and 2 I've got some new pics.


              Wraith Dart

              New Ancient Consol



                Nice I'll try this one out.


                  yeah man when its ready I let you know but still much to do... Give it about one, two weeks a I'll launch the MOC Stargate Atlantis map beta for all to download free


                    Great work M.O.C. !!! I'm a big fan of all 3 Stargates. When you're finished, I would like to review it at Unreal Central.


                      yeah man that would good


                        Ok some news first I am pleased to say the is about 90% done Im just adding some extra featers and movers to put the cherry on the cake. Second the MOC Stargate Atlantis gameplay video is done I've just need to put it on google videos. And here are some more screen shots

                        ZPM's rise now

                        Atlantis city 1


                          Hey mate the first pic is very interesting, anyway i have 2 suggestions;

                          1) Those raptors ( didnt count how many, for sure there is more than 1) if this is an tdm map i see too unbalanced if those were concentrated in only 1 place, suggestion; if you want ( is your map anyway XD ) to balance a bit the match putting 1 per side ( dunno where are you planning to put those raptors ); 1 for that hangar and another in the city, 1 for red team and 1 for blue.

                          2) Anyway, using raptors on the air, is very powerful because combatants are vulnerable against enemy team footers and reaptors ( you have to fight against the enemy team and too enemy raptors) maybe as second suggestion put in the center city or anywhere an redeemer to "compensate" in any way this crazy match XD.

                          An additional suggestion, for DM only doesn't very well ( is very open and more with those raptors on the air saying hohoho take that suckers XD), Did you think about this map as onslaught i think it might work well...

                          Anyway good luck with your project!


                            Ok news ITS DONE!!! Beta 1 will be avalible to download in 2 more days Im just giving it a few more tests on my mate's computer (He is a top bloke) and yeah tomorrow I will show you the 2 video's of the map and the after the beta will follow

                            I also ask that people not play it and start abusing me becouse I'm 16, its a beta and I new to the whole mapping thing... (Allready started my next project... UT2004 Pokemon yellow remake!!!)

                            how the never ending search for this blokes work of art


                              Hey does anyone have a copy of super_sonics stargate atlantis map becouse I used to have it and now all the download links are not workning if... If anyone has a copy could they please ethier post a new download link or e-mail it to me (