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    Stargate Atlantis Map

    Hey guys sorry long time no news sorry about that I'm completing the 10th grade and I have been very busy I have not even had time to even think about mapping but I have gotten allot of PM's asking for news so hear it is. So far I have added flyable puddle jumpers, darts, Orion and maybe a hive. And now to make you jump out of your skin the city now contains the following features.

    Control room

    Conference room

    ZPM and power control

    Room management


    Puddle Jumper



    Most of the bugs are fixed but help is much needed if you are a mapper who has the time let me know by personal message. Because there is a satedan/genni gun I need help with. Sorry I’m yakking on again enjoy the screen shot and the beta is on its way. Yours truely Master-of-crime.

    Master-of-crime [ME]
    SUF team

    nice work. keep it coming!


      will do mate


        im working on the map as right now


          It looks nice judging from the screenshots. Not an expert in Atlantis but I do recognize things that I saw in the series.

          I see raptors in one screenshot, so I guess you are planning to use it for a vehicular gametype.

          I suppose Assault will be best suited. VCTF and Onslaught might not play nicely as I suppose it will be asymmetrical.
          Or perhaps OSM adventure (in case you don't know:

          Or maybe you will make the main structure of the map and then let respective mappers do their own gametype changes?


            cheers mate It will be a VCTF between Atlantis and a wraith hive ship... but yeah your idea of OSM sounds not bad I will consider that. And I gotta get around to throwing those rapters out and putting in puddle jumpers


              I'll give it about two weeks and I'll launch my first beta and see what people think


                Ok this map is harder than I thought. It currently is a heavy 42.6mb.


                  This map would be done alot quicker if I had help pm me if u r an expirienced mapper and I will sent u a download link


                    prety cool
                    where we get it please !!


                      its not ready yet but if u r a good mapper i who can help me I'll send it to u so we can work on it together


                        If anybody knows were I can get a copy of this map PLEASE let me know


                          In the thread that is linked on the video page, the author nobody87 made a post on 6-01-07 21:50 which basically says that he will finish the map but won't release it until he has finished.

                          Further in the post he asks people not to ask him by private message to send them the map and that he as already received such a PM and answered no.

                          So it is very likely that he never finished the map. But given that it was more than 3 years ago perhaps he will change his mind.

                          There are/have been some works on porting some Stargate content to UT2004, like this one:

                          Do a search on the forums, I remember some release/beta threads. You can see if the people there are related to the one who made the map.

                          Otherwise, if you don't get positive replies in a few days, I might take a few minutes to register on the forum of the thread linked in the video and ask the author (which may not work if he is no longer active on these forums and hence you probably have a better chance by finding someone who worked on projects with him.)

                          Edit: Well, I took a few minutes to register and send the PM so consider this possibility covered (can't guarantee any result though)


                            Thanks alot man ... I would like to be part of his map becouse everything you see in my map was inspired by the map speed37 and Nobody87. And I am happy to give him my map, my models, textures and anything else he needs to complete his map. If you could pm me a way to contact him that would be great


                              Lol, I quite told him that you would like the opposite (incorporate his assets in your map). But anyway, in both cases it would mean some sort of cooperation.

                              I'll keep you updated in case I receive a reply (be it negative or positive) but as his last post in those forums dates back to 2007, hope is limited. Still, if he has chosen to receive PM notifications via email and his email address is still valid, there is a chance to get an answer.