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Anyone wants to help me with UltimateMappingTools?

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    Anyone wants to help me with UltimateMappingTools?

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    Ok, maybe someone wants to help me again with something so that this can be finished faster. I don't want to spend the rest of my life on it.

    I don't even know if this possible to do, but it should be.

    The goal is to create a placeable actor that changes the Linksetup in ONS to the one specified in the actor (as a string). Of course all PowerNodes should keep their teamnumber and ideally the whole change is done without shutting the Nodes down and up again so that vehicles don't disappear and respawn.

    Even more ideally would it be if the actor remembers which team controlled Nodes that aren't available in the new linksetup so that it (or another actor of the same kind) can later enable those Nodes with the stored team information if a linksetup is chosen that uses those Nodes again.

    This is probably the last hard thing that is left to be beaten (I still have plenty of other stuff to do besides testing, but this is probably the hardest) before everything can be published, so help is really appreciated.

    The old topic goes until post #21, you can ignore everything up to that point.

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    Heya, I put this thread up because I thought maybe a coder would be interested in helping me out. I could do it on my own probably, but this project is pretty time consuming already and since I needed to read myself into vector maths first and wanted to get this project finished asap, help would be appreciated.

    So what do I need:
    A PowerNode subclass that behaves a bit different about rotation (maybe make it so that the new behaviour is only applied if bDirectional = True).
    The default Node only changes the rotation of it's base and the rotation of the NodeShield. What it doesn't change yet but what would be required to change is the location of the NodeShield, the location and rotation of the NodeSphere and the rotation of the NodeHealEffect according to the rotation of the Node.

    To make it more clear:

    Believe me, there are places where such a thing can be put to use and is needed actually.
    The whole thing should also work correctly if the Node is upside down.

    And another nice feature would be an adjustable spawnheight for the NodeSphere and the NodeShield should be scaled alone the Z axis to match the new spawnheight. Because I often had the problem now that the Sphere spawns a bit too high and is placed inside geometry then, i.e. making the Node unlinkable for bots because they only aim at the NodeSphere to heal it.

    Would be great if someone could help me with this one. Of course will you get the credit for that. You can call it DirectionalNode or something like that. It might need to be edited in the future again, I am not sure about that actually because I still have no clue how to implement an IndependentNode.

    i made this it partly works the healthbar still shows at wrong spot and when u heal it it misses a effect


      Wow, thanks. Definitely going to have a look at it!


        iwanpompier is making some splashes!

        PWN IT DUDE


          How does the node beam work for that one?


            Didn't test it yet, but the NodeBeam's rotation should only change optionally. It would look odd if you have a node on a slope and therefore the beam becomes a diagonal laser across the whole map, and could only be put good to use if you have the Node rotated by 90° or 180°. It should maybe just start above the changed NodeSphere and not the above the location of the pad.

            Hmm, I wonder which heal effect it's missing… the one at the NodeSphere or the ring that I painted red in the sketch?
            If the ring is an Emitter, then you maybe just need to set the coordinate system to PTCS_Relative.


              i know how to fix it at least i think but had no more time so i posted it will try to fix it later

              and with nodebeam u mean when the powercore is vulnerable ??
              that one starts at the same wrong healthbar spot and always aims up


                Yeah, here are some impressions of how I wanted to use it:

                And the adjustable spawn height would be nice.



                  got it all working good now i think
                  also i have now added a SphereHeight option


                    Hey, your the guy who made trials.u arent you?!


                      Huge thanks to you!

                      Meanwhile I made progress with the radar stuff I am working on, I now am just afraid that nothing will work when I compile it.


                        Don't worry. That's always the problem with my codes But I don't believe that you'll have any problems with it. I mean, you're a skilled coder.
                        BTW: Where did you get these nice pics from? You've always a good pic for every situation!


                          I collect them from teh interwebz.

                          Many from the GSPB.

                          I didn't even pull the really big and disturbing ones.

                          But I can't put these to use at many situations.


                            OMG!!! THEY ARE AWESOME! lol I can't stop laughing! But if you want to see something really disturbing take a look at ... no.
                            That's nothing for this forum. I'll send you a PM with that one Pure horror! If you have a weak heart or you're an epileptic, don't take a look at it. It's cruel.
                            EDIT: Sent it to you.


                              Hm.. Are you going to release that map as an example map with your tool set?
                              Would be quite nice. And it looks like you used these volumes from DM-MCE-Relativity, don't you?