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[Server-mutator] VIP-players

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    [Server-mutator] VIP-players

    I didn't find something matching with the forum search.

    Could someone code something (and get it whitelisted) that manages to have some kind of VIP-players.
    That term might sound a bit condescending, but in fact there are some people who really do something for their server, i.e. donate money to keep it running or do mapping work especially for that server or are administrators… you get the idea. Those people do this just for the joy of playing and for the fun of others.

    So we thought it would be nice to have something like a thank-you for these players. We shortly had the concept of special slots reserved on the server for those players. When such a VIP players joined, then the last player who joined would have been kicked to give that VIP his place. You can think already that that's not pretty fair to the others, a reward for a good player shouldn't harm the others. We got mostly rid of that process.

    But we still would like to have something to honour the effort of those people and that's my mutator-request:

    The mutator should allow the admin to pick those players by ID and/or IP and/or nickname (you need to be aware of illegal copies with same IDs) and have a special list for them. Only the players in that list can have the following advantages:
    -Custom player skins / models: as for every advantages here, it will need the other players to download the skinpack (where would be the sence in a rewarded skin, if only you could see it?). The custom skin can only be worn by the VIP, the others may wear it but it wouldn't be broadcasted to the other players, who would only see the Jacob-model. Optionally the skins are also unique between the VIP, so there's really only you who wear that one skin, while someone else may wear another one. The VIPs must send the admin the skins / models so that he can put them on the server to be downloaded and to be entered in that list.
    -Custom vehicle skins: Same as the player skin, but this works different: When a VIP enters a vehicle, let's say a Goliath, then it's skin will change to a specific skin, that is set for this VIP. The other players will also see that skin. When the player leaves that vehicle, then it will change back to the default skin (or it could wait until another player enters the vehicle, so that enemies don't see immediately when a tank is left by that player)
    -Same could go for weapon-skins, but I don't think that's worth it.

    The mutator should be able to handle all this, the admin himself could make restrictions to the player like "only one custom vehicle skin" to keep the download size for other players low enough. So there should be a list and the admin can add player's nicknames and IPs and IDs and then set by which of those three criteria the player is recognized to be the valid VIP.
    Then the list contains the informations about playermodel and skin and a list for vehicle skins (the length could be unlimited, it depends on what the admin allows) and the matching vehicleclass.
    This way you could allow skins to be applied on custom vehicles, too.

    Where the players get that skins from, well that's another story.