Here are 4 mutators I came up with. I would love it if someone could make them.

(1. Medic) This is only for team games. Every team will have one player that is the medic. The medic does not get to kill anyone, and the medic cannot be killed. The medic is equiped with a link gun that only has the alt fire. The link gun has unlimited ammo. The medic goes around healing vehicles, nodes, and players. The medic can also VERY slowly repair cores.

(2. Adrenaline Choice) At the beginning of each match, players choose ONE adrenaline combo. The combo lasts the entire game and there is no adrenaline. So if I choose speed, I'll be going super fast the entire game. If I choose Booster, then I will regenerate the entire game.

(3. Combo Kill Bonuses)In Deathmatch, if you get these combos, you get extra frags:

Single Kill: 1 frag
Double: 2 frags
Multi: 3 frags
Mega: 4 frags
Ultra: 5 frags
Monster: 6 frags
Ludicrous: 7 frags
Holy Sh**: 10 frags

(4. Spree Bonuses)Same as the above, except with sprees.

Killing Spree: 2 frag
Rampage: 4 frags
Dominating: 6 frags
Unstoppable: 8 frags
Godlike: 10 frags
Wicked Sick: 12 frags