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    I came up with this cool idea of dodgeball on the unreal engine:

    Of course, there are 2 teams, a half court point (go past it and die)n bla bla bla and all the original rules. When you start off, you have a modified shield gun known as the catcher. No alt fire. Primary fire will catch incoming balls. Of course it needs to touch the ball to catch it. It's like killing someone with the shield gun except replace the person with a ball. In the center of the field are 5 modified bombing run balls. The ball launcher is the same fire-wise. The only differences are that they kill in one collision with an enemy (as long as it doesn't it the floor. Collision equals bloody mess) and it travels faster than average, so it is harder to catch. Catching a ball gets all your teammates back in and gets the ball thrower on the other team out.

    Could someone make this? I would appreciate it.

    wel they already made deathball
    and heres one for dodgeball the guys site is dead but heres a link to file