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Ballistic arena stand-alone mutator?

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    Ballistic arena stand-alone mutator?

    Is there a mod that matches the mutator from the Ballistic weapons named Ballistic arena?
    Or the mutator alone?

    Cause I am tired of installing the whole Ballistic weapons when I want that mutator.

    Mutator name : Ballistic arena
    Mutator description : Allows you to select what weapons to start with. (Its extremely usefull when you add new weapons in the game and the LOADED chat doesn't give you the new weapons)
    Mutator from : Ballistic weapons gold v160
    Size of the .ut4mod : 249MB
    Download link of the whole mod :;title;7
    Install time : -2 min

    I really need a stand alone mutator. Not just because of the ENORMOUS size that Ballistic weapons has, but allso the fact that it overloads my weapons list.

    First of all, the Ballistic Arena mutator is part of Ballistic Weapons. I have not even think about using non-Ballistic Weapons with that mutator (I rather use WoRM's Arena Plus). Plus, the arena mutator seems to be tied with the Ballistic codes.

    As for the download link, not everyone here has a Gamespot account to download that file!

    Sorry if my post sounded impetuous.