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Wall Walk/ Tri Axial Gravity.

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    Wall Walk/ Tri Axial Gravity.

    I've done some searching and found nothing thus far, except for a video of a mod in testing on youtube, but I've not been able to be able to find it since. What I'm looking for is a mod of some sort to allow walking on walls. Apart from walking on walls, I'm looking for gravity relative to a specific player to be rotated in accordance to the down facing axis of that player. So one player could be standing on the ceiling and be able to jump and land back on the ceiling, and the same goes for jumping off a wall and landing on that wall again, and of course, the floor too.

    ^^ The reason I want to do this is to create an Escher room styled map. IF such a mod exists or may be made, the only trick afterward would be to rotate the player, which could potentially be done with a modified warp zone or teleporter, in theory, which allowed more than one axis of rotation.

    ^^ I'm pretty sure this would require Lots of coding, time, and effort, but I 'd just thought I 'd throw it out there.

    There was a good escher map made already, I can't remember the name. I found this though...

    independant gravity mutator. Im not sure if it was that I was thinking of (the last time I played with that was about 3 years ago!)

    I'm sure someone here knows the map I was thinking of.


      I was able to find two via google:

      The first one is probably the one you were thinking of.


        FWIW, the mapfiles I archived along with the escher mut are named: