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Can I use UT2004 maps for "Killing Floor" ?

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    Can I use UT2004 maps for "Killing Floor" ?

    Tripwire's Coop Zombie shooter "Killing Floor" is a little short on maps.

    Would like to mod "Osiris2" and some other maps.

    Killing Floor uses .rom map files, and UT2004 .ut2 files is there a converter ?

    Tripwire won "Make some thing UnReal" with "Red October" .

    Short on maps? When I recently visited the KillingFloor website, I was impressed to find that hundreds of community maps have been released (and that was before their announcement of the mapping contest). I don't have the commercial version of KF, but I've dissected some maps from v2.5, which were *.ut2 files.

    I expect the primary deterrent to 'porting' UT2004 mapfiles like Osiris2 over to KF would be the package dependencies. Whichever "stock UT2004" packages Osiris2 depends on (could be 15-18 of 'em) licensing prohibits redistribution of those packages. Import all the assets to myLevel? If so, the mapfile will probably be QUITE large.

    I don't know whether the *.rom files have the internal structure as *.ut2
    Search (or post to) the KF community forum to find out.


      Yes, it's quite possible to actually do this. I've seen a few Killing floor map ports into the Killing Floor game. It's all about porting them over using the editor built into the actual Killingfloor game. Though, I'm unsure if it shares similiarities to Unreal ED.So, you've got me on that one.But as Wrench stated. There are tutorials on this stuff.