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Server actor to restart server

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    awsome idea

    I really need such a server actor just to restart the server if it goes down, I wonder is there a way to make sure the server is listed in the master servers list by using a bot to check?
    Does anyone know my options for automatic computer restart if need be? I know windows will automaticly do that but I need to take special procaution to make sure other software is safe; maybe a beefed up program for the same function?

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  • started a topic Server actor to restart server

    Server actor to restart server

    I need a server actor to restart a dedicated server. It would have to do so only when the server is empty. It would have to be able to restart at least 12 times a day (adjustable). It would need to have the settings with in the ut2004.ini file, to be used with multiple servers. The reason is to reset the game clock an non standard game speed servers. A more in depth explanation can be found here
    I would be more than willing to be a tester. Thank