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    Elemental Assault

    I suggested a mod a few years ago.

    It didnt quite catch on but here it is again...
    Unable to remember it entirely but I recall the gist of it.

    At the start of the match, players have about 10-15 seconds to pick an element.
    There are multiple elements.... I remember...
    Goop (Bio-rifle stuff)

    Anyway. One element usually negates another. Examples.
    Water takes out fire
    Fire melts Ice
    Ice freezes Goop
    Goop dissolves Metal
    Metal cuts Earth
    Lightning's universal but inflicts low damage. It's the best to go for beginners.

    But... if Fire attacks Fire, they just heal each other. Like Link Guns.
    Same for Water... Ice... etc.

    Key here is to pick which element is opposite to your opponents.
    Ya gotta outsmart your enemy. Oh and by the way, if you choose the wrong element, there will be stations around the map that allows you to switch elements... but it requires Kills.

    any ideas to further this?

    Hmm... Sounds hard to implement, but might be interesting. Generally I like the idea of Elements (because I'm a fan on Might and Magic ). There could be elements like this: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Body, Spirit, Mind, Energy, Magma, Storm, Ice, Electricity, Poison, Fear, Acid. For example, Fire could do double damage vs Ice and Air and get a boost from Fire, Energy and Lightning etc. Though this needs a good scheme.


      Good elemental suggestions.
      And yeah, I generally got the idea from Might and Magic itself... while washing the dishes. (Cant believe I remembered that.)


        This sounds mighty fun, I'm a fan of magic and element myself(though I dont know what Might and Magic is).


          sound really cool

          but im guessing Bots would just pick Randomly?


            Cool, you played Might and Magic? It's such a rarely known, yet very interesting game series (By the way, I'm doing a playthrough of MM1 if someone's interested )
            Have to say that Heroes of Might and Magic (Strategy) are a lot more known than Might and Magic (RPG). Too bad, because if you have played Heroes III, then you just have to play Might and Magic VII

            And yea, bots would either pick it randomly or pick it according to their species (for example, Juggernauts like Ice and Body).

            Oh, and I forgot two more elements: Light and Dark!


              if you pick Lightning it makes the Lightning gun take 100 health, plus makes damage received -50%

              if you pick Metal is the same with Sniper Rifle but with Sniper rifle plus -25% to all 'Real Guns' Mini Gun, Assault Rifle, Sniper rifle

              if you pick Light You are invisible when you do not shoot (10 second delay)

              if you pick Dark you are ivisible when you shoot (good for sniping)


                Glad the idea's actually catching on. ^_^

                Excellent elemental pro-ideas guys. But what about cons?


                  Lightning arnt allowed to swim

                  dark sees throught the lighting view port

                  light sees through the unlit view port

                  metal gets a Dmage scale of 1.75 to energy weapons

                  Shock rifle, etc


                    Hmm, I guess Metal could be Body so it would fit in the scheme.

                    Water - can swim twice as fast in water, slow movement on ground. Its colour is blue.
                    Fire - more firepower, can't swim. Colour - red.
                    Air - a lot of air control, slower movement on land. Colour - grey.
                    Energy - more damage with Energy weapons, more damage from explosive weapons. Colour - dark blue.
                    Mind - can see enemies through walls, takes more damage. Colour - brown.


                      Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
                      Air - a lot of air control, slower movement on land. Colour - grey.
                      Shouldn't Air be fast everywhere, but less powerful?


                        Not everywhere... At least not in water. But could have less firepower.


                          should we actually make this?


                            Originally posted by TurdDrive View Post
                            should we actually make this?
                            I think you should give it a go. I mean, I dont code so, who am I to say this? But I think it seems fun to play. If this was somehow incorporated with RPG, it would be a blast.


                              im not a coder either

                              so im n o use