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New Team/Species/Class Idea?

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    New Team/Species/Class Idea?

    Someone laughed at me for this idea but I really don't give a rat's behind on it. I think it's a cool idea and would be a great addition to the UT Family series.

    I'm talking about characters from the new series on Animax-asia called LaMB. The story seems cool, and the characters from the series also seems quite well endowed with combat skills and the needed drive that would make a great team/class for UT2004 or UT3 or even both. I'll even give a slight run down on what I have been able to figure out on my own so far.

    Cerra News Segement on "Lambs and Lamination"

    Music Video Clip from LaMB and By Simple plan.(fixed)

    1: Pierre, a Sniper w/o a doubt and wicked skillful driver. Able to take out a platoon from across town with 2 clips.

    2: David Pierre's wingman and also a Sniper with the skills to shoot off the wings from a gnat's back.

    3: Jeff (Jeffery) Swordman elite, with ninja like skill and swordplay plus cat like moves.

    4: Sebastien, a another Rifleman for the team but also thier pilot for most areocrafts and the knowledge to back that up as well.

    5: Chuck (Charles) a duel pistol wielding, freejumping deathmachine on two legs. Man can take down a Battalion with his pistols and bandaleros alone. Chuck is also quite skilled with knife fighting defense as well offense.

    6: Sara Inegra, Leader of this pack of commandos. She is also the one that takes the fall for the operation they were all involved in and ends up serving a 200 Yr Sentence in a "Lamination suit".

    After checking out what I could and seen the music videos and read a bit as well on the series? I'd like to say this is a good idea, and would like feedback on it as well.

    It's good to see people coming up with ideas. ^_^

    I haven't heard of the series you're talking about but the players mentioned sound pretty tough to fight against.


      No, not so tough....

      The Charaters themselves are just trained that well. Sort of like The Iron Guard was when they 1st started out on the circuit *way* back when. Overall, it seems/ed like a cool idea. But just that an idea........