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New Team/Species/Class Idea?

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    No, not so tough....

    The Charaters themselves are just trained that well. Sort of like The Iron Guard was when they 1st started out on the circuit *way* back when. Overall, it seems/ed like a cool idea. But just that an idea........

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    It's good to see people coming up with ideas. ^_^

    I haven't heard of the series you're talking about but the players mentioned sound pretty tough to fight against.

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  • started a topic New Team/Species/Class Idea?

    New Team/Species/Class Idea?

    Someone laughed at me for this idea but I really don't give a rat's behind on it. I think it's a cool idea and would be a great addition to the UT Family series.

    I'm talking about characters from the new series on Animax-asia called LaMB. The story seems cool, and the characters from the series also seems quite well endowed with combat skills and the needed drive that would make a great team/class for UT2004 or UT3 or even both. I'll even give a slight run down on what I have been able to figure out on my own so far.

    Cerra News Segement on "Lambs and Lamination"

    Music Video Clip from LaMB and By Simple plan.(fixed)

    1: Pierre, a Sniper w/o a doubt and wicked skillful driver. Able to take out a platoon from across town with 2 clips.

    2: David Pierre's wingman and also a Sniper with the skills to shoot off the wings from a gnat's back.

    3: Jeff (Jeffery) Swordman elite, with ninja like skill and swordplay plus cat like moves.

    4: Sebastien, a another Rifleman for the team but also thier pilot for most areocrafts and the knowledge to back that up as well.

    5: Chuck (Charles) a duel pistol wielding, freejumping deathmachine on two legs. Man can take down a Battalion with his pistols and bandaleros alone. Chuck is also quite skilled with knife fighting defense as well offense.

    6: Sara Inegra, Leader of this pack of commandos. She is also the one that takes the fall for the operation they were all involved in and ends up serving a 200 Yr Sentence in a "Lamination suit".

    After checking out what I could and seen the music videos and read a bit as well on the series? I'd like to say this is a good idea, and would like feedback on it as well.