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2D minimap from UTmap

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    2D minimap from UTmap

    Hello everbody!

    I´m talking about problem of generating 2D overview for UT2004 maps. That means I play UT2004 game I am in some location and I have somewhere 2D map of this location.

    My question: How I can do this 2D map? For Onslaught UT2004 locations this problem is already solved. If you play this gametype there is 2D representation of the map on the HUD in upper right corner (or upper left corner). I need do this minimap to other gametypes. PLEASE COULD YOU TELL ME HOW I DO IT FROM UT2004 MAP (Editor, script, program,..) ???

    Thanks! :-)

    That would require you to make a new Gametype or a mutator which spawns new GameRules that set the minimap to be on. And then you would also need GIMP or Photoshop to actually make a minimap.


      OK! How do you mean, how a can do that?? Have you some specific instruction how a can do that?


        #4 - Onslaught HUD. This is what you want to have in our new GameType, but only the Radar.
        So basically do some copy-pasting and make a new HUD, then either with moving variables, spawning GameRules or making a new Gametype change the HUDType variable in your Gametype's GameInfo.

        Of course, if you have no idea how to script with UnrealScript, then you will have no idea what I have just said. That way just learn it, ask someone else to do it for you or forget about it.


          Thanks for answer.

          I´m sorry, but my problem is little different. Probably I didn´t ask you well so I´m sorry. I need draw map from UT map file like as HUD. This is some example how I want generate map:

          It´s 2D map from Doom2. So I need something like this as simple draw. Do you know how can I get the data from a map file to draw such a map?

          Thanks in advance for your help.

          Tomas Kupka


            You will have to use the map editor (UEd), take screen shots from the top down view for each map, and using that, draw the minimap yourself using a paint program (Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, Photoshop etc), then import each 'map' into a new texture package. You could then use a HUDOverlay (which can be added via a mutator to all players) to draw the radar map on the screen (no need to subclass HUD for each gametype). Either way, making the maps would be a big task.....

            The only other way that might be worth experimenting with is using a scripted camera texture with a camera high above the player or possibly DrawPortal (in canvas.uc), changing the RMODE to something like RMODE 13 or 14 (the top down view one) then updating the shot and drawing that texture to the HUDOverlay (though this would still not quite be a wireframe overlay).


              Hah, I thought it was from Doom II, only they have such maps!
              And yes, you will need to open the Editor and draw it yourself. Take a screenshot, spectate the map, and redraw what you see. That's how we create minimaps for Liandri Archives:

              And from your description, it seems you won't be using it in game? If so, don't worry about importing and anything after that what meowcat said.

              By the way, where are you from? Your name looks familiar...


                I've experimented with using a scripted camera texture as the Onslaught radar map- it worked, but occasionally it would shut off. It seemed to just turn invisible whenever you looked at the camera itself.


                  Thanks for all!

                  I think the top view can be good way to solve my problem with generate map. But .. it is so simple resolve and very manual work to redraw map.

                  So I thinking to and I find this wiki:
                  It is how to parse from UT format "*.t3d" what I exactly need. Then I can parse this file and generate map i thing. But this format I can be recover only if I export the *.ut2 file in UT editor to another file.t3d. It´s fine but maybe can be another way where I can´t use the UT editor. Have you some different idea how could I "reformat" the *.ut2 file to *.t3d file??

                  To GreatEmerald: I´m from Czech Republik from Pilzen. My name looks you familiar maybe because one of czech painter was František Kupka. And where are you from?? The minimap image what you deskripe me it is wonderul i thing! But the map is redraw, isn´t it??


                    Why do you want a T3D? It's an exported brush or a brush set, what would it give you?

                    Ahh, thought so, Czech Republic isn't far from my country, Lithuania
                    And yes, that minimap is redrawn in Photoshop. It's not a big deal actually, if you used Photoshop before, you can handle it, it just takes time.


                      (OFF TOPIC) Lithuania was always my favorite country for some reason. Don't ask me why, I have no idea.

                      I suppose that would work. I have no experience with T3D files, so this is out of my league.


                        Well Lithuania it isn´t far away. Nice to meet you!

                        I think the t3d format contain elements with atributes as a location, texture.. This information a can read, parse and draw as simple lines at my program to generate 2D map (in JAVA).

                        Have you another opinion or idea how can I efektively draw a simple map from UTmap file format??


                          Ah, that's what you mean. But it should take a lot of work making an image generator...

                          Like I've said, take a screenshot of UnrealEd's top viewport and then just manually fill the boxes with a colour of your choice. Or you could use UnrealEd 3D viewport and fly up, then take a screenshot and you wouldn't even need to colour them, but that way it might look somewhat odd.