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    Extended report system?

    Is it possible to create a (very) extended status report system in UT2004? Quite like bots use in UT3, but even more powerful? Like, I go to one menu, select "Enemy here!", then I can select "Flag carrier", then "Midfield", then "High" and I'll say "Enemy flag carrier - midfield high!". And there would be a lot more options. There could also be a "default" option - like, you can say just "Enemy here", "Flag Carrier", "default" and you'll say "Enemy flag carrier here!".

    Here's an example (the tree isn't finished, too much work done with Unreal II dialog editor):

    The words after [ ] are the "default" option.

    What do you think? A bit tricky to get used to, but very informative! And a keybind that would automate that would be quite useful too, like you press the key in VCTF and you say "enemy flag carrier - midfield", in ONS - "enemy orb carrier - west mine node" etc. But that would require quite a lot of coding...

    Possible? Probably.

    It's too bad Epic did not record [AFAIK] "Node" and numbers 1 through 20 or so. At least for Warfare/Onslaught, node numbers are a lot more informative than "midfield high." Although they did, for some reason, decide to name all of the nodes on stock Warfare maps, which means we have tons of useless sounds like, "East Road Node" that can only be used for specific situations (unlike Node # sounds, which would be viable on every single War/ONS map).