Well, I just wanted to hear, if it would be worth the work to create a ClanManager 1h?
Currently I have the following (new) features in mind (besides bug-fixes):
  • Advanced Bansystem for more annoying players (bans by 5 different things, besides GUID and IP)
  • Other member-system: Groups, which have certain rights and an own chat-channel and entry-messages.
  • More commands
  • Perhaps (!) a more sophisticated anticheat (I've learned a lot since version 1g^^)

If anyone got an idea for a feature or command, post^^

I don't know if I have the time to really create version 1h. I just wanted to hear if you would appreciate it.

EDIT: Btw, the Anticheat in the CM is only a minor feature
And if you vote for "No", because 1g already sucked, please explain why. I would really like to know, in order to do better on any other mutators (i.e. to learn).