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    Mod Request : Static Radio

    Hello again everyone , i have yet one last request that i hope someone can help me with.

    I am currently working on a Horror/Psycological thriller map contrasting 2 enviroments and obviously atmospheres.

    Thing is , i have everything set up , but i was wondering if anyone could help me get something working where when an enemy player draws near you start to hear this white noise sound... inspiration from the original Silent Hill Game , reference shown from the Movie (Great Video game adaptation) here.

    I was thinking it may be possible with a mutator , but i am not so sure , what with me being new to the community essentially, saying that my project has progressed thanks to certain individuals that have helped with various issuses such as Networking Physics , and also giving me a flashlight mutator.

    Heres my work so far.

    So yea , if possible , someone get back to me on this as i am doing this for college and i would like to finish it up ASAP.

    I'd say it'd be rather easy... Just set up a "perimeter" around the player and when a pawn comes into the proximity, it plays the "White noise" sound.

    Yeah I'm familiar with the Silent Hill games.