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UnrealPHD map team needs custom character programmer!!!

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    UnrealPHD map team needs custom character programmer!!!

    We have an interesting custom male character that we designed for Unreal this month, but will not have time to get this character in game in time if we do it ourselves (We are still working on finishing our map entry).

    We are seeking help to get our models into Unreal and converted to custom characters. It would be helpful if you could unwrap and UV layout as well, as this model has not been UVed yet.

    About our team, UnrealPHD.

    We are a collaborative team effort for creating custom 3d content, and game content. We are all easy and fun to work with, and are passionate about creating. We have 3 Maya modelers, 1 Max model who also is our Unreal Programmer, and our Sound Designer who is making custom music for our map.

    Below is a ROUGH Work In Progress Video of our map in Unreal Tournament 3.
    This video is to show ONLY the terrain....its not a full fledged trailer , its more just to see the map and get an overview.

    If you are interested, PM me with your email address, any website or portfolio work or links, and your Messenger contact info immediately.

    We would like to get help soon (during the week), before Phase 2 ends this week.

    If we can not get it in game as a custom character, we will try to use it as a prop in our map somehow.

    I hope someone out there has the knowledge and time to do something coool with


    We need people skilled in:
    Unreal Programming (Vehicles, Weapons, Characters, KISMET)
    Animation in 3dStudio Max
    Creating Game Trailers
    Sound Effects

    I can already see it's gonna be a Military-class game project. ^_^


      Originally posted by Lorin-Slasher View Post
      I can already see it's gonna be a Military-class game project. ^_^
      well not necessarily....

      Uh-yeah, but then again, maybe :P

      Any character programmers out there??? !!! oiii, heyy!!!


        Wrong section, you're looking for the UT3 boards.


          ohh jeez, arg...pfft, no wonder no replies.