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    Heheh, if I played that gametype, I'd probably be the 1st one out. Not because I'm unskilled, but because I'm particularly aggressive, and more at risk of eating Titan Boulder (or a shower of Warlord rockets).

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  • started a topic LMS Invasion

    LMS Invasion

    I'm requesting a new gametype, called Last Man Standing Invasion

    Here's how it works:

    - Players spawn in. (as many players as there are at match start)
    - Only one wave.
    - Monsters don't stop spawning until one person is left.
    - First monsters are from wave 1 of regular Invasion.
    - Every X minutes (determined by host pre-match), the monsters come from the next wave up of regular Invasion.

    If possible, it should be compatible with third-party monster packs. Especially the Fraghouse team's Life after Death mutator.