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BoneSplitters[coming soon] [vid]

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    BoneSplitters[coming soon] [vid]

    Hi all,

    This small mutator is what remains from a TC survival horror-mod initially called Saw: Survival Instincts (yeah, Saw from the Saw movies ), and which died some time ago. Now that I found that mutator in my scripts, and find it quite fun, I'm wondering if it will be worth giving it a few improvements and release it for the smaller UT2004 community. Critics, please

    Basically, this mutator just gives the possibility to dismember players at any time. After their death, and also while they're alive.

    Of course, dismembering will not only be visual, and will affect the gameplay: if a player looses the hand holding his weapon, the weapon switches to the other hand. And if the other hand gets dismembered too, he drops all his weapons and cannot pickup anything anymore.
    Same with legs: loosing one foot will cause a player to hop on the other foot, and if both feet are dismembered, he will have to creep.

    In short, a quick list of features:

    - Possibility to dismember up to 10 limbs from a player: hands, forearms, upperarms, feet, thighs
    - Realistic gibs: this mutator replaces the old, ugly red pieces of meat with gibs that has the same mesh than the character's one.
    - Support of blood loss. For each dismembered limb, an amount of health is dropped every three seconds.
    - Corpses can be dismembered too.

    Configurable properties:

    - Classical moves: if set to false, the players will have more restricted moves (No double jumps/walldodges and slower speed, as it would have been in the mod).
    - Classical view mode: if set to false, the player will see his whole body. But still in first person.
    - Blood loss damages: the amount of health lost every three seconds for each limb dismembered.

    And a few other things...

    You can download a trailer of this mutator here (16 mb):

    I really need comments because I won't release something people wouldn't like

    Also I'm not sure if I'll keep this name. I had a few others in mind, like Leprosy mutator or TrueGibs.
    Any idea for a name is very welcome =D

    Thanks and have a nice week-end =)

    You should make it compatible with Ballistic Weapons's Bloody Hell mod. That would be incredibly awesome.