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Looking to hire an experienced map maker IMMEDIATELY.

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    Looking to hire an experienced map maker IMMEDIATELY.

    I'm in need of an experienced mapper who wants to get paid for their time.
    The job consists of taking an existing custom map and making changes and additions according to a specification that will be provided. A sample of your work IS REQUIRED to determine your actual skills. Not interested in hearing from anyone who cannot meet our requirements. The candidate that will be selected has the following skills:

    1. Someone who is an adult that can follow specific instructions and has a good work ethic.

    2. Someone who can get the job done with a minimum of supervision.

    3. Someone who can actually do the work instead of making excuses and thinking they can get paid for nothing. No lamers need apply, thank you.

    4. Someone who has the ability to communicate proficiently beyond sending email replies of 'yeah' and 'uh-huh'.

    5. Someone who can provide consistent progress reports and work on a set schedule for completion. They must be able to send us static images of their progress as feedback.

    If you are interested, can perform in a professional manner, and want to make some cash for your efforts, then please email me for specifics at 'BuddaMagoo AT'. Comments and questions posted here will be completely ignored.

    This is a bot, it spammed a lot of forums with tis exact message. Do not feed the spammers with your emails, well thats until he replies and proves otherwise.


      Well.... i would but im already worknig for like 5 other people...