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    Server Performance Mod

    Does anything exist that would monitor processes INSIDE the UT2004 server process to report statistics around performance?

    For instance, in Java, you can use the JMX interface (JVM 1.5+) to get details around what calls inside the VM are being the pigs.

    The reason I ask is that if you are running a ton of mods/mutators, it's difficult to identify if one in particular is causing you performance problems. The only way to analyze it is to really take them all out and run them one by one playing. The clan server I'm on though has about -- oh -- 450Mb worth of mutator/mod downloads to play. So weeding through that is really going to be a challenge.

    Thanks for reading and considering this.

    hmm, I don't know of any, but there is a console command that logs how much time script functions are taking to execute and how often ('profilescript start' & 'profilescript stop'). The problem is that the log/data file created when done monitoring the script calls is only stored on the local server machine (so you have to have access to it). You also need to download a special (small) program to analyze the files (but you also need the .Net framework to run). See this UDN page for the details.

    Overall the program and console command works quite well and I use regularly to make sure that my own mod code is not causing issues). if you r server has that many mods though, there is a good chance that they could be conflicting with each other. Have you checked the log and server log files for accessed nones etc?