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    UT3 Tweaks

    With the idea of creating a 2k4 server that captures some of the IN YOUR FACE fun of UT99, while still remaining short of excessive, I've been making some tweaks to 2k4's weapons based off of some recent UT99 pubbing (mostly hardcore) using a mutator called WeaponStuff.

    Initially, I was going to use Epic's UTClassic Mutator to remove walldodgejumping and dodgejumping, leaving in double jumps and walldodges.

    Unfortunately, Epic[s UTClassic replaces weapons, removing some of the better tweaks I've done.

    Also, WeaponStuff appears to be somewhat buggy and causes GPFs for a lot of players.

    Here's what I'm looking for:

    -An alternative to WeaponStuff that has a broader base of compatibility
    -An alternative to UTClassic (or a tweak to it that prevents it from altering weapons)
    -An effective way to add a trail to the sniper
    -A way to remove shield secondary fire (and replace with a rapid fire version of shield primary)

    Any suggestions?