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Bring back the old teams

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    I have made some skins of the MetalGuard team using the Merc models from UT2004 here is the Skincity Link

    Many of the team members are still there Drake,Von,Tasha and Vanessa.

    There are also two new members to the team being:
    Phantom and Lamera.
    Name: Phantom
    Age: 35
    Race: Human
    Phantom was a Merc with skill and looks rivaling Brocks. He was badly scarred on the right side of his face during an accident and became obsessed with the Phantom of The Opera, comparing himself to the disfigured Phantom.
    He was admitted to an Insane Asylum where he came across his current teammates, the rules board have reinstated the rule that allows the insane to fight in the tournament, and Phantom is looking to challenge his old rival Brock once again.
    Name: Lamera
    Age: 21
    Race: Human/Unknown
    Lamera's past is a mystery. Born as a result of breeding a Human Female, with an alien of unknown race, her mind is warped due to her unstable genetic makeup.
    She has various mutations due to the alien DNA including her green hair and lips, she also has a third eye, which she calls her Minds Eye this allows her to read her opponents emotions, feelings and judgement, so she can anticipate their moves and Combat style, but at the cost of her sanity...
    I tried to give each of the skins a new look to stop them looking exactly the same.
    Check out the forum topic on skincity Here

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  • started a topic Bring back the old teams

    Bring back the old teams

    I have a list of the single player teams since I made for 2k4 in an attempt to bring back the old teams.


    Dark Phalanx: Male and Female Commando models
    (Commando:Blake,Gorn,Nickolai,Whitman,Ivana,Nikita ,Anna,Gromida)
    Venom: Female Soldier models
    Raw Steel: Male Soldier models
    (Raw Steel:Arakon,Bruce,Kregore,Manwell,Slain)
    Black Legion: Male and Female Commando models (Necris:Vise,Kragoth,Cryss,Malaki,Freylis,Grail,Ma lise,Necrotic)
    Iron Guard: Male and Female Soldier models
    (Soldier:Brock,Luaren, Johnson,Rylisa,Harlin,Sara,Rankin,Shyann)
    Blood Reavers: Male and Female Commando models (Mercenary:Boris,Luthor,Ramirez,Graves,Kyla,Marian a,Jayce.Tanya)
    Deathmatch skin: Male and Female Metalguard models
    (Metalguard: Drake,Radkin,Von,Wriath,Isis,Risa,Tasha,Vixen)

    Old skins the best