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    Originally posted by Lord Vipes View Post
    I am going to make the Flying Scorpion, but i need help with the knowhow. The alt fire where the things pop up, will be replased with thicker ones, faceing the oppsite direction. They can still be broken off, rendering the Flying Scorpion grounded and the only way to make it fly is if you hold alt button. and fluing will be controled with the mouse, and the wheels will go underneeth the scorp, like the dorlien form Back to the Future, or the Hover option from The Streets of SimCity (good game btw)

    by help i mean what progrmas do i need, what files i shoud edit and where they are, and how to make a mut.
    Well they have a flying scorpion in the Strategic vehicles Mut u just need a map big enough to actually have a fun flight.


      how do you want it to move?
      there are a few different ways to make a texture move but do you want it to move sideways or in and out or in circles?
      i'll find the tut that tells how to do that though(used it in the n00bM@pP@ck on the JB one hehehe...


        @ 80gone this will be a diff flying scorp. it will sorta be a tribute to Streets of SimCity

        @ Sarge-David all i know is that they dont go in circles, they follow a path iwht sharp edges and stuff.

        How would i animate my model? i dont see anywhere in the blender tuts how to animate a vechile and how would i do the wings and wheels? do i have to add bones to them? and how do i edit the skins? i have Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended


          hmm....all i know is maya for that...animation is you rotate the bones which is binded to the skin... also there is a way to make the texture spin (btw all that texture moving stuff is in unrealed)