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Sneaky Slayers (Working Name)

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    Sneaky Slayers (Working Name)

    Manhunt is a game where everybody is chasing a lonely player hiding in the shadows, bringing them all down one by one execution style.

    The shield gun is not that good for this kind of mod because it makes too much noise all the time. I however played around with the Arena mutator and selected Shield gun only. Very funny game indeed. Inhuman skill isn't really that hard.

    I would like to have a mod with the emphasis on sneaking and scoring critical hits with deadly attacks from the right angle at unsuspecting targets.

    Stamina: Naturally there must be a stamina mutator that keeps you from running around too much by slowing you down.
    Critical Closeup Attack: Also of course a critical attack mutator that locks people in a deadly melee combo resulting in a gruesome kill.
    Melee Replacement: Weapons must also be altered with a lots of melee replacements. Knifes, crowbars, baseball bats, etc. The Flak Cannon and the Sniper Rifle can still be in the game.

    There should be extra style points for making a successive closeup attack.

    Remakes of good UT2k4 maps and also completely new maps with removed lights and scripted dark zones where players become invisible to people outside them. This could perhaps be done with mutators and shadow projectors alone.

    One vs All: Points are score by the seconds for the runner to stay alive and also by scoring frags. The player killing the runner becomes the runner itself. Multiple runners at large player numbers should be preferred. When the runner is slayed the new runner should either teleport elsewhere or the other hunters should teleport.

    Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Bombing Run, Double Domination could also be enabled. In fact, the only new gametype could be the Shadow Slayers, the mod could be played in all the other gametypes with a simple Sneaky Slayers mutator including all the above special features.

    There could be different colors on the player skins to signal who is what so to say. The game could also be mixed up completely where none knows for sure.

    This Sneaky Slayers gametype could be stand alone and be played like the classic Holy Wars mod for UT, without the halo.

    So, what do you think?

    What should this gametype be called?

    Sneaky Slayers
    Shadow Melee

    The name should be gender and race neutral. Suggest freely anyway.

    If you want to get into the mood of the game, the sound track is located at Galbadia Hotel.


      Yeah, I played Manhunt. Good idea, **** game though.

      The problem I see with making it a UT2004 gametype is that in Manhunt (and other stalker-killer stealth games) the executions are usually performed on characters that are standing around, on guard duty or walking by in predictable patterns that you can sneak up on.

      Real life players don't do that, neither do the bots in this game. Everybody runs and jumps and double jumps and dodges and dodge jumps and wall dodges and wall dodge jump dodge jumps (well, maybe not that one) every second of the game. As a result, a game like Manhunt just turns into, well, an arena match. All the melee attacks would be delivered by two attackers running at eachother trying to "slap-attack" the other player faster or more times in order to score the kill.

      You could use the UT2004 engine to code a single player game based on the Manhunt style, but anything multiplayer will most likely just be UT2004 with plastic bag and glass shard weapons.


        All that can be limited by a stamina value. It could modify speed, acceleration, melee attack strengths, melee fire rates and jump heights. It could be drained whenever the player walk, run, turn, jump, melee attack. Naturally stamina should only be regained while standing still.

        Even with random movement and human opponents there will be kills from critical hits. Spooks are trained to do that all the time.

        When playing one versus all, the player which is "it" should have superior stamina to the rest of the crowd to make it a whole lot funnier.


          I vote for Sneaky Slayers.


            Well, okay then. I'd be interested to see if you can make the idea work.

            I like stealth games (I prefer Tenchu/Shinobido style games to Manhunt, but whatever) so I'd actually really like you to succeed. I just don't know how likely it'll be to make a multiplayer game that people will like to play and won't frustrate them.

            In the words of Seymour Skinner, "Prove me wrong kids! Prove me wrong."


              When will you finish it? and when you do, Please give us the download link


                As you can see, I'm full of ideas but I usually never realize them in Unreal Tournament 2k4. Back in the days I played a lot of Quake, I made a whole lot of mods, but I never got to begin to understand the immense details of unreal script.

                I'm glad that people find a disturbing mod like this amusing and I hope that some people will make it some day.

                Now I am stuck with an older computer since my most recent one got some kind of very fast overheat issue in the graphics accelerator. I have to investigate that further but as far as I can tell I will be playing oldies like Command and Conquer, Starcraft, Unreal, Unreal Tournament and Doom till I throw up or something.

                Somehow, I feel much more alive whenever I turn off a computer. Get out, take a walk, play some soccer, do something, don't just sit there. There is a huge world beyond that screen of yours, ready to be explored.