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Making A Unreal Tournament series Soundtrack!

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    Making A Unreal Tournament series Soundtrack!

    I will also try to put that up on my filefront spot. It's only in the beta stages.
    All I did was take some popular and cool stuff from UT2004, 2003, and 99 on there.

    Only got 1 for UT2003 and 2 for 99. I think we need some more stuff though.

    Is there anyone willing to help me out here?

    Done, if you want it, its in my filefront section. If you got anything that you think needs to be added to it, please let me know.


      cool stuff


        Hey could you post a link to it so I don't have to go hunting for it? It would be very appreciated (cause I'm lazy like that ). Anyways, I am very excited that you made this! I have always liked quite a few of the tracks on UT2k4, but could never burn them to a cd or to a mp3 player. Thanks a lot!


          hey....i got a free program if anyone wants it , just let me know and I'll send it by email.

          Basically just go to the music section and drag and drop the music tracks (when the program is up and running and convert it.

          they got taken down a long time ago from my filefront spot.

          took up too much space.

          this would be much easier than posting a link for sure.....